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Brushes, Mops & Buckets

77 Products found

Vileda Outdoor Broom Standard with Stick 1pc

BHD 3.665

LuLu Air Port Mop L10-491641 40cm 1pc

BHD 5.450

Scotch Brite Indoor Broom+ Floor Mop Refill

BHD 2.800

Scotch Brite Floor Mop Refill Extra Strong 1pc

BHD 3.400

Smart Klean Floor Wiper 35cm 9434

BHD 1.500

Scotch Brite Mini Lint Roller 1pc

BHD 1.050

3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Refill (Dry) Size 28cm x 21cm 30pcs

BHD 2.750

Scotch Brite AS300-ES Floor Squeegee 30cm Blade 1pc

BHD 2.700

JCJ Mopping Pail 16Litre 4503/1 Assorted Color 1pc

BHD 3.400

Scotch Brite Hardwood Floor Mop 1pc

BHD 6.180

Vileda Easy Fix Floor Wiper with Stick 1pc

BHD 3.560

Vileda Dustpan Set 2 in 1

BHD 2.935

Smart Klean Soft Broom 8085 Yellow

BHD 1.360

Vileda Lint Roller 58Sheets

BHD 2.305

Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Kit

BHD 5.450

Vileda Wipe & Dry Floor Wiper with Stick 1pc

BHD 3.665

Scotch Brite Window Cleaner with Extendable Handle 1pc

BHD 3.665

Scotch Brite Twister Aqua Wiper Size 33cm 1pc

BHD 2.305

LuLu Neco Window Cleaner 1233-11 20cm 1pc

BHD 1.990

Vileda Indoor Broom Standard with Stick 1pc

BHD 2.620

Home Soap Dispenser 360ML MKT12

BHD 1.900

Fast Clean Airport Mop 60 CMFC954

BHD 2.095

Vileda Active Max Flat Mop Floor Cleaning Mop 1pc

BHD 7.325

Titiz Soap Dispenser TP193 400ml

BHD 2.305

Scotch Brite Floor Squeegee Size 40cm 1pc

BHD 2.935

Scotch Brite Swipping Floor Outdoor Broom 1pc

BHD 3.560

Vita Plastic Clip Mop With Stick 1pc

BHD 1.570

Vileda Super Mop 3 Action Floor Cleaning Mop 1pc

BHD 4.180

Scotch Brite Squeegee + Stick Size 44cm 1pc

BHD 2.620

Nomu Smart Infrared Sanitizer Sprayer NMU A1

BHD 36.650

Scotch Brite Hand Brush 1pc

BHD 1.465

Vileda Floor Cloth Easy Clean / Cleaning and Drying Cloth 1pc Assorted

BHD 1.570

Scotch Brite Toilet Bowl And Rim Brush Set 1pc

BHD 3.250

3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller 1pc

BHD 1.465

Smart Klean Spray Mop PT-01 Assorted

BHD 3.500

Scotch Brite Carpet Brush Set 1pc

BHD 3.145

Scotch Brite Green Bucket Set

BHD 4.700

Clean Matic Wet Cotton Mop Extra Long 970117

BHD 3.700

Vileda Active Max Classic Flat Mop Floor Cleaning Mop 1pc

BHD 9.950

Home Laundry Washing Bag 35720-2

BHD 0.945