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Sensodyne Toothpaste Extra Fresh 75ml

BHD 2.505

Sensodyne Advanced Repair & Protect Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 3.445

Colgate Toothpaste 6+ Years For Kids Minions 50ml

BHD 1.535

Sensodyne Original Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 2.460

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste 6+ Children 50ml

BHD 1.665

Sensodyne Sensitivity And Gum Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 3.445

Parodontax Complete Protection Toothpaste Extra Fresh 75ml

BHD 3.235

Aquafresh Little Teeth Toothpaste 50ml

BHD 1.035

Sensodyne Toothpaste Fluoride 75ml 

BHD 2.460

Sensodyne Rapid Action Whitening Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 3.445

Aquafresh Big Teeth Toothpaste 50ml

BHD 1.035

Sensodyne Toothpaste Pronamel Multi Action Acid Protection 75ml

BHD 3.030

Colgate Toothpaste Triple Action Original Mint 125ml

BHD 0.985

Sensodyne Advanced Repair & Protect Whitening Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 3.760

Closeup Triple Fresh Formula Gel Toothpaste Red Hot 120ml

BHD 1.035

Sensodyne Advanced Complete Protection Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 3.340

Signal Complete 8 Anti-Bacterial Charcoal Toothpaste White & Detox 100ml

BHD 1.560

Sensodyne Multi Care + Whitening Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 3.030

Sensodyne Toothpaste Deep Clean Gel 75ml 

BHD 2.925

Sensodyne Advanced Repair & Protect Extra Fresh Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 3.445

Closeup Triple Fresh Formula Gel Toothpaste Menthol Fresh 120ml

BHD 1.035

Closeup Toothbrush White Now + Protect Medium 1pc

BHD 1.455

Parodontax Daily Gum Care Mouthwash Fresh Mint 300ml

BHD 2.090

Closeup Triple Fresh Formula Gel Toothpaste Eucalyptus Freeze 120ml

BHD 1.035

Dabur Herbal Anti Ageing Toothpaste 150g

BHD 0.990

Signal Deep Clean With Baking Soda Soft Tooth Brush 2pcs

BHD 2.400

Jordan White Smile Mint Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 1.330

Colgate Powered Toothbrush Extra Soft Assorted Colour 1pc

BHD 4.015

Elgydium Sensitive Toothpaste 75ml

BHD 2.575

Colgate Fluoride Toothpaste Total Advanced Whitening 75ml

BHD 1.745

Signal Toothpaste Center Fresh Blue 120ml

BHD 1.455

Lulu Toothbrush Flexi Medium 1pc Assorted Colour

BHD 0.525

Parodontax Extra Soft Tooth Brush 2Pc Assorted Colour

BHD 1.895

Jordan Toothbrush Green Clean 5-10 Years Extra Soft 1pc

BHD 1.580

Colgate Toothpaste Natural Extracts With Activated Charcoal And Mint 75ml

BHD 2.610

Al Felaij Toothbrush Dentex Soft 1pc Assorted Colours

BHD 0.390

Colgate Mouthwash Total Clean Mint Pro Gum Health 250ml

BHD 1.790

Sensodyne Toothbrush True White Soft 1pc

BHD 2.890

Oral B Toothpaste Pro-Expert Sensitivity Protect With Whitening 75ml

BHD 2.590

K.P Namboodiris Herbal Tooth Care Powder 40g

BHD 0.410