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Speciality Food

909 Products found

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml

BHD 2.690

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 473ml

BHD 2.100

Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup 580g

BHD 3.000

Agrofino Organic White Quinoa 340g

BHD 1.790

Groovy Food Organic Coconut Sugar 500g

BHD 2.790

Organic Tattva Amla Powder 100g

BHD 0.850

LuLu Organic Flax Seeds 300g

BHD 1.565

LuLu Organic Tri Colour Quinoa 300g

BHD 2.090

Woodstock Organic Tomato Ketchup 425g

BHD 2.290

Biona Organic Almond Butter 170g

BHD 4.490

Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Maize And Rice Pasta 500g

BHD 2.290

Ener G Pure Tapioca Flour 454g

BHD 2.190

Valle Del Sole Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes 400g

BHD 0.600

24 Mantra Organic Idly Rava 1kg

BHD 0.890

Organic Tattva Organic Kabuli Chana 500g

BHD 0.950

Moma Porridge Plain Oats 70g

BHD 0.725

Organic Traditions Camu Camu Berry Powder 100g

BHD 8.890

Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Cranberry Juice 330ml

BHD 0.930

24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds 200g

BHD 0.725

Pet Interest Cat Treat Wellfed Chicken & Catnip 50g

BHD 3.140

Monin Passion Fruit Syrup 750ml

BHD 4.790

Robinson Fruit & Barley Summer Fruit Drinks No Added Sugar 1Litre

BHD 0.750

Rawbite Organic Fruit & Nut Bite Peanut 50g

BHD 1.035

Carolina Digestive Biscuit Covered With Chocolate 230g

BHD 1.990

Epicure Organic Butter Beans 400g

BHD 0.830

Infinity Food Organic Wholmeal Cous Cous 450g

BHD 1.490

24 Mantra Organic Whole Corn Flour 500g

BHD 0.375

Fry's Family Meat Free 4 Chicken-Style Burgers 320g

BHD 3.130

Nirmal Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

BHD 4.315

Biona Organic White Italian Pasta 500g

BHD 1.390

Valledoro Organic Extruded Snack With Chickpeas And Rice 80g

BHD 0.990

Walden Farms Calorie Free Caramel Dip 340g

BHD 2.990

Nai's Ginger Green Tea 250ml

BHD 0.515

Essential Everyday Vegetable Oil 1.89Litre

BHD 2.990

Essential Everyday Tomato Puree No Salt Added 29oz

BHD 1.390

Wrigley's Extra Spearmint Gum 10pcs

BHD 0.245

Organic Tattva Organic Urad Dal White Split 500g

BHD 0.890

Schar Gluten Free Crackers 210g

BHD 2.085

Biona Organic Dark Cocoa Spread 350g

BHD 3.030

Eden Organic Mexican Rice And Beans 425g

BHD 1.770