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Ikon Chapathi Maker IK-010C

Ikon Chapathi Maker IK-010C

BHD 14.655 BHD 9.990

Philips Toaster HD2581/01 800W     

BHD 10.900

Moulinex Sandwich Maker SM1540

BHD 14.560

Tefal Toaster Express TT357170

BHD 16.655

Ikon Stainless Steel Bread Toaster 4Slice IK8590A

BHD 13.610

Black&Decker Open Flat Grill LGM70 2000W

BHD 19.990

Tefal Ultracompact Barbecue Grill GC302B28 1700W

BHD 47.000

Braun Toaster 2Slice HT-1010 Black

BHD 10.300

Philips 2 Slice Toaster HD2637/91    

BHD 20.990

Kenwood Toaster TTM440 2Slice

BHD 14.560

Bosch Contact Grill TFB3302GB

BHD 42.900

Tefal Inicio Panini Grill GC241D28

BHD 25.990

Ikon Sandwich Maker 2Slice IK3318

BHD 7.855

Moulinex Toaster LT160127 2 Slot

BHD 16.900

Philips Viva Collection Toaster HD2650/92

BHD 24.990

Kenwood Contact Grill HGM50 1800W

BHD 24.085

Optima Electric Grill GR900

BHD 8.900

Russell Hobbs Sandwich Toaster 24520

BHD 8.905

Russell Hobbs Panini Maker, Grill and Griddle 17888 1800W

BHD 17.900

Optima 4 Slice Grill GR 1400

BHD 15.000

Optima Arabic Bread Maker BM1000 12inch

BHD 20.940

Ikon Contact Grill IK-G3353

BHD 19.990

Ikon Donut Maker IK-8808D

BHD 4.990

Optima Barbecue Grill 1700

BHD 12.570

Optima Roti Maker RM1500 1600W

BHD 19.000

Black&Decker 2 Slice Toaster ET122-B5

BHD 9.500

Ikon Cake Maker IK-928B

BHD 11.515

Black&Decker Sandwich Grill Maker TS2080

BHD 15.190

Tefal Plancha Grill With Lid CB6A0827 2000W

BHD 25.150

Ikon Electric Grill IK-TG7102

BHD 7.325

Ikon Contact Grill IK-TG2552

BHD 14.560

Ikon Bread Maker IK-902D

BHD 20.850

Kenwood Electric Health Grill 1700 Watts, Black, HG230

BHD 23.000

Ikon Electric BBQ Grill IKHD8001

BHD 8.275

Kenwood 2Slice Toaster TCP01A0WH

BHD 10.370

George Foreman Family Grill 25040

BHD 19.900

Ikon Electric BBQ Grill IKHD8002

BHD 9.420

Black+Decker 3in1 Sandwich Maker TS2090

BHD 16.750

Russel Hobbs Multi Grill Raclette 19560

BHD 16.990

Black+Decker Contact Grill CG2000-B5

BHD 31.300