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Product Type

Microwave, Grill, Convection




26 - 30 Ltr


1000 - 1500W




131 Auto Menu, 900 Microwave Power & 1400 Watts Grill, Wide 315 mm Turn Table

The convenience of Panasonic NNCD671 27 Litres Convention Microwave Ovens indisputable. It not only looks good but is loaded with healthy and beneficial features that make cooking an enjoyable experience. The interface of the microwave oven exhibits a combination of rotary and buttons. Keeping in mind the concept of user-friendliness, this interface eases usage of this oven. This microwave oven has stainless steel innards. Stainless steel is a scratch resistant metallic alloy and this significant property makes it a durable asset as it wards off the need to replace or repair the interiors in the long run.

Stylish and Compact 900W 27 Litre Microwave Oven
A Compact 27 Litre Microwave Oven allows so many different types of foods to be defrosted, reheated and cooked quickly. With features such as Auto Menu Cooking, Auto Reheat and Turbo Defrost, the NN-ST342WQPQ is super easy to use, and also easy to clean thanks to the acrylic lining.

Simple Auto Menu Cooking/Reheating
With nine different auto menu programmes to choose from, all you have to do is enter the food category and weight for each meal to be automatically cooked to perfection. With 70 Indian menu styles to prepare spicy lip-smacking Indian food and 131 Auto menu option, this oven seems like a lucrative one-time investment for home cooks.

Turbo Defrost
Turbo Defrost lets you defrost food up to 43% faster, than our powerful auto defrost feature. This advanced sequencing system distributes microwave energy in a new and efficient way, resulting in fast, thorough defrosting.

Child Safety Lock
The child safety lock on the Microwave Oven helps to provide extra security to prevent little fingers interfering with the programming of the oven.

Acrylic Lining For Easy Cleaning
The Microwave Oven boasts an acrylic lining to make cleaning quick and easy - just wipe it over after use and the cleaning is done.

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Panasonic Convection Microwave Oven NNCD671 27Ltr


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