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LuLu Freshmatic Refill Citrus 300ml

AED 16.95

LuLu Anti-Bacterial Handwash Orange 500ml

AED 9.50

LuLu Processed Cream Cheese Spread 500g

AED 15.90

LuLu Whole Chilli 105g

AED 7.90

LuLu Greek Kalamata Sliced Olives 150g

AED 5.95

LuLu Friends Memoir Roll On For Women 50ml

AED 9.95

Goodness Forever Rose Chutney 220g

AED 15.95

LuLu Foul Medammes 450g

AED 3.50

Al Balad Tahina 400g

AED 10.75

LuLu Glazed Puff Pastry With Apricot Decoration 135g

AED 8.50

LuLu Barhi Dates 1kg

AED 14.95

Disney Mickey Mouse Helicopter Fan Candy 6g

AED 18.95

Lulu Oud Scented White Facial Tissues 2ply 200pcs

AED 5.25

Lulu Toothbrush Soft Calibre Assorted Color 1pc

Lulu Toothbrush Soft Calibre Assorted Color 1pc

AED 5.95 AED 1.95

LuLu Grooved Sponge Scourer 3pcs

AED 5.50

Lulu Super Roll Chocolate 6 x 60g

AED 8.50

Lulu Roasted Chicken Breast 250g

AED 12.50

LuLu Beef Mortadella Black Pepper 350g

AED 14.50

Cureform Toilet Deodorant Balls 200g

AED 9.50

LuLu Premium Edition Safinter Saffron 5g

AED 97.90

Fomme Natural Shampoo 400ml

AED 14.50

LuLu Extra Absorbent Sponge Cloth 15pcs

AED 19.95

LuLu Car & Boat Wash Sponge 1pc

AED 6.75

LuLu Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Press 500ml

AED 35.95

Fomme Hair Gel Soft 325g

AED 5.50

LuLu Fruit Cocktail In Syrup 3 x 425g

AED 15.90

LuLu Plastic Plates 22cm 25pcs

AED 7.95

LuLu EDT Rene For Men 100ml

AED 27.50

LuLu Pure White Coconut Oil 680g

AED 14.90

LuLu Kashmiri Chilli Powder 160g

AED 6.25

LuLu Organic Legumes Chickpeas 500g

AED 12.50

Fomme Rainbow Beauty Bath Sponge with Handle 1pc

AED 9.95

LuLu Organic Grains Millet 400g

AED 18.95

Toothwak Natural Toothbrush 1pc

AED 16.50

LuLu Toothbrush Executive Hard Assorted Color 1pc

AED 2.50

LuLu Chicken Breast Pepper Lemon 900g

AED 28.90

Fomme Sisal Bath Sponge 1pc

AED 7.75

LuLu Violet Razor 2 Blade For Women 5pcs

AED 7.95

LuLu Chicken Drumstick 900g

AED 15.75

Goodness Organic Virgin Avocado Oil 250ml

AED 34.95