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LuLu Bakery

152 Products found

White Oats Ginger Cookies 250g Approx. Weight

AED 6.50

Chicken Pizza Medium 2pcs

AED 7.90

Keto Brownies 2pcs

AED 17.50

Keto Mini Christmas Fruit Cake 1pc

AED 16.50

Mini Pastries with Fresh Fruits 6  pcs

Mini Pastries with Fresh Fruits 6 pcs

AED 15.90 AED 10.00

Keto Salted Caramel S'More Brownie 2pcs

AED 19.50

Butter Cookies Vanilla 500g

AED 16.40

Swiss Roll Assorted 5pcs

AED 10.90

Butter Cream Assorted Pastries 5pcs

AED 15.75

Keto Peanuts Cookies 2pcs

AED 17.50

Keto Minis Almond & Chocolate Cookies 150g

AED 19.50

LuLu Bran Loaf Cake 1pc

AED 8.25

Coconut Macaroons 500g

AED 16.45

Keto Peanut Butter Brownie 2pcs

AED 19.50

Keto Minis Macadamia Flax Seed Cookies 150g

AED 19.50

Keto Raspberry Financier Cake 2pcs

AED 16.50

Fruit Cookies 250g

AED 7.25

Premium Harissa Almonds 500 g

AED 17.50

Bran Muffins 6pcs

AED 8.95

Keto Coconut & Walnut Biscotti 90 g

AED 24.50

Keto Macadamia Flaxseed Cookies 2pcs

AED 17.50

Sundried Tomato Ciabatta Sandwich 1pc

AED 2.35

Keto Chocolate Orange Madeleine 3pcs

AED 28.50

Mango Cake Medium 1pc

AED 44.75

Butter Cream Triangle Chocolate Pastry 4pcs

AED 13.95

Pineapple Swiss Roll 1pkt

AED 10.75

Vanilla Swiss Roll 5pcs

AED 10.75

Hareesa With Coconut 500g

AED 13.50

Chocolate Doughnut 4pcs

AED 8.30

Lulu Fruit Buns 1 Pkt

AED 1.30

Peanut Cookies 250g

AED 7.25

Keto Petite Plain Cheesecake 130g

AED 11.50

Lulu White Oats Raisin Cookies 250g

AED 6.50

White Oats Almond Pistachio Cookies 250g Approx. Weight

AED 6.50

Keto Strawberry Cheesecake 1.2kg

AED 95.00

Chocolate Chips Cookies 250 g

AED 8.20

LuLu Mango Loaf Cake 350g

AED 7.75

Keto Minis Brownies Cookie 150g

AED 19.50

Premium Chocolate Brownie 2pcs

AED 8.00

Speculoos Cream Cake Small 500 g

AED 26.50