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LG OLED TV 83 Inch C1 Series Cinema Screen Design, New 2021, 4K Cinema HDR webOS Smart with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming OLED83C1PVA

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Product Summary

  • α9 Gen4 AI processor 8K with AI 8K upscaling
  • Eye Comfort Display, Eco-friendly OLED
  • OLED Design, OLED Cinema, OLED Gaming, OLED Sport
  • Advanced α9 Gen4 AI processor 4K for ultimate picture & sound
  • Smart LG technology, LG AI ThinQ

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Little Murph
11 Apr, 2022
This TV was our choice to replace an older one which was not a smart TV. We are vary happy with our decision, though we spent a lot of time reviewing multiple products. the picture is amazing and we are happy with the overall product features and choices.
05 Apr, 2022
The picture quality is just outstanding and marvelous. You won't regret on purchasing this product!
Air Wasabi
10 Apr, 2022
Last TV I purchased was in 2010. It was a Samsung 46"" ""HD 1080"" TV and cost about a tad over $3,000 at the time. And, it still works perfectly today. But compared to the LG C1, wow, what an incredible difference. Naturaly the 4k resolution is double that of my old TV, but then you have the color range (blacks are amazing dark), smoothness, contrast...etc. The LG C1 is phenomenal. But it does have a few short comings which I would love to see improved: 1) The stand is static. While it looks nice, my old Samsung was on a single post swivel stand which allowed us to easily rotate the TV to any sitting position. The LG C1 stand is low profile, but is wide and offers zero manual adjustment easily. Also, the backside of the stand is so deep, we are unable to get the TV to sit back far enough on our high-end entertainment center. 2) While the LG ""smart"" parts of the TV are a giant leap over previous years, it is still limited in two ways: A) It's slow. Since it lacks good processing power, when navigating the apps and using them, there are ""jittery"" jumps & delays feeling like you stepped back into the 90's. This makes the TV feel outdated and frustrating. B) Limited Apps. For most, you probably won't need an external device like an Apple TV. But if you're like us and have subscriptions with providers that LG does NOT support (i.e. Beach Body, CNN, etc. at the time of writing this), then having an external device like the 4k Apple TV makes the experience SOOOO much better. *** Note to Apple TV users. If you're using an Apple TV that was previously connected to another TV, you will need to factory reset the Apple TV so it recognizes the new TV settings (i.e. resolution, refresh rate, etc) or you will get a blank screen. Took me 4 hours to figure this out the day I brought this home. For these reasons, I have deducted 1 star, the TV part is insanely good, but don't buy it for the smart part or the stand. If you're using a wall mount, the stand won't matter. On the plus side... 1) On our old TV, using the optical audio out was a pain because we had to manually ""sync"" the sound to the video every time we switched between TV, Apple TV & Blue Ray player, the LG C1 has a ""match video"" feature that so far, has worked well. 2) The universal remote is really amazing. It works our 4k Apple TV (not all features as the OEM Apple remote, but good enough that we don't have to search for both remotes).And it controls the volume on my old Pioneer 5.1 sound system. A big plus. 3) While we use an entertainment system for sound, I must say, for a TV, the internal speaker system is darn good. It's not earth shaking, but wow... best I've personally heard coming out of TV to date. As long as you're buying it for the TV viewing the discounted $1,099 price it is right now... this is an incredible buy. Get one!
05 Apr, 2022
After shopping at Costco and looking at all the different models and screen sizes we chose the LG 55” OLED tv for our home. Easy to setup and in no time you are binge watching your favorite movies and shows.
05 Apr, 2022
This arrived about 3 weeks ago and after going through the setup and installation I was amazed at the picture right out of the box. Because it arrived late in the afternoon, I didn't try to do any fine tuning and just sat and watched it until late that night. The next day I changed a couple of settings recommended on YouTube and also activated the voice enhancement feature and was pleased with the results. I'm using this without a sound system and will try it this way for a while and make my decision later.
Kiran Ch
07 Apr, 2022
Bought this TV as an addition to my new home can't ask for anything better. I'm into games and movies works best for my needs. Only issue is that many a people complain about burn in but in order for that to happy the set needs to be on for longer duration which I think is a rarity.
Disappointed LG purchaser
05 Apr, 2022
Started having problems with the set almost immediately.I kept getting a screen asking about SoundShare. When you closed that window, it always reappeared - sometimes immediately and sometimes after a short period of time.Eventually it happened that it was near impossible to stop that message from recurring. Called customer service and a repairman was sent. It was easy to schedule the repair service and the serviceman was very helpful.He tried some things. He also explained that I wasn't the only person having this problem. There were webpages and focus groups dedicated to solutions. He also said that LG was aware of this problem and had been promising a fix for some time. He was convinced the set was fine now. The same problem surfaced after a day or two.I did a factory reset which seemed to solve the problem. Unfortunately, I haven't connected the TV to WiFi.I'm afraid to in case that allows the same problem to happen. I cannot use any of the features of the TV or access any of the streaming services, which is a huge disappointment.It was really a big mistake to purchase this TV and I am sorry I did.
05 Apr, 2022
I did a great deal of research before buying the OLED tv and I am beyond words as to the clarity, colors quality, and overall features and quality.While pricey, the experience makes the cost seem so worth while.Treat yourself and you won’t be disappointed.
05 Apr, 2022
I truly am enjoying this tv.I have been playing games and rewatching movies to enjoy the energize colors and details.The features, sharpness, detail in the picture quality is beyond expectations.
05 Apr, 2022
First experience with an OLED TV and I am not disappointed! I bought this to use with my gaming pc and it works extremely well. Perfect black levels on OLED are a game changer. As someone with multiple consoles and a pc, four hdmi 2.1 ports are amazing!
05 Apr, 2022
Hasn't worked properly since new and service is a jole
06 Apr, 2022
I bought this OLED 2 weeks ago, and already I am getting my moneys worth. First time owner of an OLED, and I definitely see the draw. Picture quality is impeccable. I received my TV 2 days from when I ordered it, which made me even more happy.
06 Apr, 2022
I bought this because I had a 65 inch oledthat I loved. It was 5 years old and still worked great but thought a bigger tv suited the space. I moved my 65 to another room. Only complaint with lg is the spectrum app is not available so I must continue to pay for a cable box as that’s the only option in our area.
06 Apr, 2022
Love this tv. Great picture and many easy to use features
LG for the win
06 Apr, 2022
Love the picture quality and sound is good as well. Took me too long to set up and no real directions.
06 Apr, 2022
This is the absolutely best picture, and awesome features that I have ever seen on any TV! It looks like you are looking out of a window.
Iris W
06 Apr, 2022
I bought this TV a few days ago, and I LOVE IT !!!The picture is great. Even OLD tv shows and old westerns are crystal clear and bright. I like the way that the universal remote automatically adapts to my other devices, like my Fire Stick. Only having to use one remote is awesome !!!
06 Apr, 2022
I bought this Lg C1 48 Oled about a month ago and it is literally the best tv I have ever owned! The black are perfect and the colors are infinite! Trust me once you try a Oled tv you will never want to settle for anything less! Absolute perfection!!!
07 Apr, 2022
07 Apr, 2022
i have now just purchased three lg ci48 55 65wonderful color without the over saturation of samsund