LG Air Purifier AS60GDWV0, 360º Purification, Clean Booster, Smart Indicator

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Product Summary

  • Product Type: Air Purifier
  • Model Name: AS60GDWV0
  • Room Coverage: 58m2

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Byron De Lange
26 Aug, 2020
Wife struggles with post nasal dripping and since i purchased the LG Air Purifier , its been a huge part of our home and my wife sleeps like a baby at night. Great asset to the house decor . Great product .
Biju jacob
30 Aug, 2020
It is good air purifier and it help my family on covid 19
25 Aug, 2020
The LG Puricare is really effective for allergic people and I recommend to buy this product without any hesitation. The performance of this machine is really amazing.
Joonghan Lee
17 Jan, 2021
Very easy to install, use and control via mobile app. But it give maximum effect to my home more than expectation.When I stayed at my home over hours, I felt a kind of headache from time to time. But, after installing it, I prefer to stay at home under good atmosphere.
Khalid Karim
17 Aug, 2020
Excellent service
Andy Tam
17 Jan, 2021
I've had the LG PuriAir Tower Air Purifier for a month now and I have been impressed at the quality of the air that I am breathing at home. I use it in my living room and I am always excited to monitor the ug/m3 that shows on the display of the unit. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!
Siddharth V Menon
17 Aug, 2020
Imagine a long day at office. Summer heat and work pressure all around.Long traffic and endless exhaust pollutants.At the end of all this chaos, you reach your home and let LG AS60 make things good for you. The crisp air around you immediately calms your soul.LG, true to the name.You make life good.
Janice Dovganiuc
22 Sep, 2020
From the day we bought this unit and tried the same day we felt relieved that LG products will deliver good results but this "Puricare" EXCEEDS OUR EXPECTATIONS.We are very happy we made the right decision as every parent would do for their children's health.We know our twin girls are in good hands
Mohammed Sartawi
04 Aug, 2020
The product is super good , Efficient and silent Very modern design and color Just it has issue with its mobility
Amer Mohd
09 Dec, 2020
As an asthma patient and a person with respiratory allergies, I can actually feel the difference now when I wake up in the morning compared to previously. I have tested the efficiency of the purifier by opening the windows and spraying fragrance and can realize the smart responce of this product.
Michael Garcia
30 Jul, 2020
Really cleans the air in our apartment. Even when my wife is cooking, it filters the air and remove the smell. You can even operate the unit remotely through LG ThinQ app. Even more affordable than other non 360 degrees air purifier. Great product for its value.
Avias Hussain
21 Jul, 2020
I have bought 5 of these, best purifier we have used! We have them in the office and at home. They really helps clean the air, can notice the difference straight awayIt would be great if it had wheels to easily move from room to room, would recommend especially here in UAE with closed windows
05 Feb, 2020
Indoor pollution is bad for our health, especially if you have an allergy or asthma so we've decided to buy this product for our son. I'm so impress, he sleeps better now coz his allergy was gone.
eubert bautista
15 Jan, 2020
I bought the LG PURICARE AS60GDWV0 because we care for our kids, and the features are good for our health, particularly the Air quality here realising dust sometimes , as I learned that the Air Puricare has a clean booster and the filters to remove dust. i love the 360 feature of LG Puricare.
Axel Eickhorn
15 Jan, 2020
The LG Puricare is giving us clean air and I already recommended it with my friends and family with the great features of the product me my self is happy and satisfied . The sales person who approached me was really good.
29 Jan, 2020
Awesome design as well as purifier function. Showing numerical index nice !
Seungbeom K
28 Jan, 2020
The noise level is much low so that I can sleep tight all night with this masterpiece turned on. It responses the smell from the kitchen, air from outside the window very fast so I can easily notice how air is clean or dirty at once. I recommendend my friend who wants to buy an air purification.
Dongchul S
28 Jan, 2020
I bought 3 LG puricare and overall experience was really great. I am satisfied and happy of using it.
30 Jan, 2020
Amazing Product!I always turn this on at home. When I changed my filter, I was so surprised because I didn't know that much dust is around at home. I strongly suggest this product.
02 Feb, 2020
A perfect product of LG. User friendly and quality wise I always choose LG product.