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Lulu Premium Basmati Rice 5kg

Lulu Premium Basmati Rice 5kg

AED 49.50 AED 20.00

Fomme Disposable Face Mask 3ply 50pcs

AED 6.90

Lulu Blended Black Tea 900g

AED 20.00

Lulu Pistachios Salted 200g

AED 16.95

Lulu Assortment Of Biscuits And Wafers 400g

AED 9.50

Lulu Dates Mamoul 300g

AED 9.25

Lulu Spanish White Chick Peas 1kg

AED 13.95

Lulu Fennel Seeds 130g

AED 4.40

Lulu Frozen Quails 6 Pc 600g

AED 20.50

Lulu Frozen Cut Green Beans 400g

AED 5.75

Lulu Choco 'N' Crisp Cereal 375g

AED 12.95

Lulu Peri Peri Sauce 130g

AED 8.25

Lulu Frozen Chicken Franks Jumbo 400g

AED 8.90

Lulu Long Grain Kernel Basmati Rice 3kg

Lulu Long Grain Kernel Basmati Rice 3kg

AED 18.50 AED 11.95

Lulu Turmeric Powder 170g

AED 4.75

Lulu Grean Peas 2.5kg

AED 22.95

Lulu Assorted Chocolate Dates with Fillings 1kg

AED 42.00

Lulu Pure Cow Ghee 1Litre

AED 39.95

Lulu Coconut Milk Powder 1kg

AED 30.50

Lulu Organic Pop Corn Kernels 500g

AED 22.95

Lulu Mutton Biriyani Masala 60g

AED 3.95

Lulu Spanish Black Olives Sliced 230g

AED 5.95

Lulu Korma Curry Sauce 380g

AED 11.95

Lulu Organic Couscous 500g

AED 14.95

Lulu Saffron 4g

AED 69.95

Lulu Fava Beans Broken 800g

AED 5.50

Lulu Organic Tri Colour Quinoa 300g

AED 18.95

Lulu Majdool Dates 400g

AED 35.95

Lulu Raw & Real Walnuts 500g

AED 37.00

Lulu Iddly Podi 1kg

AED 8.95

Lulu White Vinegar 473ml

AED 1.75

Lulu Tomato Ketchup 964g

AED 10.95

Lulu Natural Dates Khalas 1kg

AED 14.95

Lulu Ajwat Dates 7pcs

AED 8.95

Lulu Khalas Dates 500g

AED 7.75

Lulu Strawberry Jam 450g

AED 6.25

Lulu Bottled Drinking Water 24 x 250ml

AED 13.75

Lulu Rasam Masala 200g

AED 5.75

Lulu Fanugreek Seeds 200g

AED 3.50

Lulu Indian Long Chilli Whole 30g

AED 2.50