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Electrical Accessories

399 Products found

Gomer Tool Set 5pcs

AED 28.00

Philips DUBAI LAMP LED A60 3-60W E27 CL ND 865

AED 25.50

Stanley Scissors STHT0-14102

AED 42.00

Stanley Measuring Tape 5m-33158-8

AED 37.00

Powerman Solar LED Dance Flame Jar Hanging Light SL7200

AED 33.00

Wiz Colours LED Light Strip 1Mtr Extension Kit

AED 55.00

Philips LED Bulb 7-40W B22 6500K 230V A60 AU/PF

AED 30.50

Powerman Tool Box MJ-10513 13in

AED 25.00

Philips Spot Light Essential MR16 50W

AED 3.50

Philips LED Bulb Filament 4-50W E27 WW A60 ND 1CT APR

AED 33.00

GuardWell Compact Safe Locker 20NF1540

GuardWell Compact Safe Locker 20NF1540

AED 149.00 AED 112.00

Philips DUBAI LAMP LED B35 1-25W E14 CL ND 830

AED 14.00

Philips Scene Switch LED Bulb 5.5W E14 B38 Warm White

AED 39.00

Sirocco Extension Cord 5Way 4Mtr

AED 79.00

Black & Decker Drill Bit Set A7066 50pcs

AED 75.00

Ikon Impact Drill IK-81001 810W

AED 149.00

Nine States Pad Lock 20mm 261

AED 4.50

Mr Light Torch + Emergency Combo Pack MR632

AED 92.00

Ikon Rechargeable LED Flashlight IK-022-SC 2pcs

AED 99.00

Powerman Solar Motion Sensor LED Wall Light KSW-801B

AED 22.00

Philips Tube TLD 36W/54 4 Feet

AED 5.50

Philips Essential Energy Saver 23W E27 Cool Daylight

AED 15.00

Universal Power Extension Socket 4Way 3Mtr With Switch UN-404

AED 42.00

Uhu All Purpse Adhesive Gel 35ml Tube Blister

AED 8.00

Health Pro 5 Layer Face Mask 10pcs N95

AED 5.00

GE LED GLS Bulb 7W E27 DL 2pcs

AED 25.00

Powerman Multi Purpose Hand Glove ZX-152A Assorted Colors

AED 43.00

Stanley Precision Screwdriver Set 6pcs

AED 17.00

Powerman Chipbrd Screw+Plug 20019 410pcs

AED 35.00

Powerman Solar Panel Home Lighting System PSK013N

AED 129.00

Philips LED Bulb 10.5-75W B22 6500K 230V A60AU/PF

AED 47.00

Black & Decker Metal Bonded Disc X32025-QZ

AED 5.00

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA battery L92BP4

AED 45.00

Philips LED tube 600mm 8W 765 T8 AP C G

AED 25.00

Stanley Dyna Grip Plier Linesman 7"-84-055

AED 35.00

Universal Extension 4Way 3Mtr With 2USB UN4025NU

AED 62.00

Black+Decker Measure Tape BDHT36154 8Mtr

AED 25.00

Powerman Tool Set BS511312 12pcs

AED 69.00

Osram LED Bulb 9.5W E27 A60 CW Frs 2pcs

AED 29.50

Philips Genie Energy Saving CFL Bulb 11W B22

AED 14.00