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Plugs & Extensions

38 Products found

Sirocco Extension Cord 5Way 4Mtr

AED 79.00

Universal Power Extension Socket 4Way 3Mtr With Switch UN-404

AED 42.00

Universal Extension 4Way 3Mtr With 2USB UN4025NU

AED 62.00

Philips Universal Extension 2Way 3Mtr

AED 52.50

Brennenstuhl 5Way Universal Extension Socket 3Mtr 1156057135

AED 119.00

Sirocco Extension Socket 2way 2Mtr

AED 47.00

Philips Universal Extension 3Way 4Mtr

AED 69.00

Philips Starter S-2

AED 2.00

Universal Extension Socket 4Way 2Mtr 104M + Adaptor 368UK

Universal Extension Socket 4Way 2Mtr 104M + Adaptor 368UK

AED 32.00 AED 20.00

Philips Universal Extension 3Way 3Mtr

AED 61.00

Brennenstuhl 4Way BS Standard Extension 3Mtr Sockets With 2 USB Ports 1153243026

AED 129.00

Anker PowerExtend 6-IN-1 PowerStrip (A9141K21)-White

AED 99.00

Brennenstuhl ALEA- 3Way BS Power Cube Extension 3Mtr With 2 USB Ports 1150103

AED 129.00

Elexon Extension Socket 4Way 2Mtr + Adaptor 2Way With USB Port

AED 59.00

Sirocco Extension 2Way Super 3Mtr

AED 44.00

Philips Universal Extension 5Way 2Mtr

AED 69.00

Universal Extension Socket 4way 3Mtr With 2USB UN2024U

AED 62.00

Sirocco Extension Socket 4Way 2M

AED 62.00

Philips Universal Extension 5Way 3Mtr

AED 79.00

Philips Universal Extension 4Way 2Mtr

AED 59.00

Philips Extension 4Way 4Mtr

AED 83.00

Brennenstuhl Power Extension Socket 4Way 3100 1.8Mtr

AED 129.00

Universal Extension Socket 5Way 5Mtr With Switch UN405

AED 52.00

Philips Extension 5Way 4Mtr

AED 89.50

Sirocco Extension 4Way With 2 USB Port 2Mtr

AED 84.00

Elexon Extension Socket 3Way With 2USB Port 2008U 2Mtr

AED 49.00

Sirocco Extension Sockt 4Way 2Mtr + Adaptor

AED 49.00

Universal Extension Socket 4Way 2Meter 9940N

AED 20.00

Sirocco Extension Socket 5Way 2M

AED 68.00

Elexon Extensions 4Way EL-2009 2Mtr

AED 45.00

Sirocco Extension Cord 2Way 4Mtr

AED 63.00

Sirocco Extension Socket 4Way 7Mtr

AED 96.00

Philips Universal Extension 3Way 2Mtr

AED 57.00

Philips Starter S-10

AED 2.00

Sirocco Power Extension Reel TB05 20Mtr

AED 169.00

Brennenstuhl Extension Cable Reel Socket 8203 5Mtr

AED 119.00

Sirocco Extension Cord 4Way 10Mtr

AED 106.00

Universal Extension 4Way N-104M 2MtrU

AED 32.00