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Lulu Idly & Dosa Batter 1kg

Lulu Idly & Dosa Batter 1kg

AED 6.00 AED 3.90

Lulu Roasted Rava 2 x 1kg

Lulu Roasted Rava 2 x 1kg

AED 14.95 AED 12.25

Earth’s Finest Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml

Earth’s Finest Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml

AED 16.50 AED 15.00

Blue Elephant Thai Cooking Set Yellow Curry 95g

AED 20.50

House Foods Tofu Soft 538g

AED 14.95

Lady's Choice Tuna Spread 220ml

AED 9.95

Midi Farci Kao Cake 10 x 28g

AED 9.50

ID Chennai Pure Wheat Chappathi 6pcs

AED 3.20

Double Horse Samba Wheat Broken Fine 500g

AED 8.40

Olive Branch Labneh Pomegranate 500g

AED 35.00

Fair Aval 500g

AED 5.75

El Sabor Hot Salsa Dip 300g

AED 14.65

Century Tuna With Calamansi 180g

AED 4.50

French Cornichons 300g

AED 5.50

Twin Dragon Gyoza Wrappers Potstickers 340g

AED 11.50

UFC Filipino Style Tomato Sauce 200g

AED 3.90

Siblings The Original Sticky Rice 500g

AED 6.20

Wildwood Tofu Firm 439g

AED 19.90

Olive Branch Labneh Makdous 500g

AED 35.00

Saravana Appam Batter 1kg

AED 6.10

Datar Papad Sago Coins 200g

AED 3.05

Priya Instant Vada Mix 200g

AED 5.90

House Organic Tofu Medium Firm 396g

AED 14.00

The Bridge Bio Organic Soya Drink Natural 1Litre

AED 10.20

Olinda Turmeric with Ginger & Ginseng Tea 25pcs

AED 13.75

Aryaa Idly Dosa Wet Mix 1kg

AED 6.10

Mega Sardines in Tomato Sauce Chili 155g

AED 2.60

Hobe Golden Bihon 227g

AED 2.70

Midi Croissant Albicocca 50g x 6 Pieces

AED 8.95

Saravana Poori 12pcs

AED 4.90

Midi Farci Nocciola Cake 10 x 28g

AED 9.50

El Sabor Salsa Dip 315g

AED 14.65

Datar Ragi Powder 500 g

AED 5.50

Old El Paso Crunchy Taco Kit Garlic & Paprika 308g

AED 19.00

Dreem Desert Om Ali 200g

AED 11.90

ID Chennai Idly Dosa Batter 1kg

AED 5.80

Fortune Udon Noodles Mushroom 206g

AED 13.65

ID Chennai Malabar Parota 5pcs 375g

AED 5.25

Lulu Pinoy Lasa Red Mung Beans In Syrup 340g

AED 6.95

Maliban Cream Cracker 190g

AED 2.95