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Vegetables & Fruits

138 Products found

Green Giant Mixed Vegetables With Corn 2 x 450g

AED 13.95

Fresh Frozen Lulu Diced Ginger 500g + Peeled Garlic 500g

AED 20.00

Watties Broad Beans 450g

AED 8.25

Green Giant Niblets Corn 1kg

AED 18.50

Lulu Frozen Cauliflower Floret 450g

AED 6.75

Al Kabeer French Fries 1kg

AED 8.65

Al Islami French Fries 3 x 1kg

AED 20.00

Watties Green Beans 450g

AED 7.75

Lulu French Fries 1kg

AED 6.95

Wattie's Super Sweet Corn 900g

AED 16.50

Lulu Frozen Spinach Leaves 450g

AED 6.25

Al Islami Fine Okra 400g

AED 5.00

Green Giant Peas And Diced Carrots 450g

AED 8.95

Lulu Frozen Chopped Molokhia 400g

AED 4.50

McCain Golden Long French Fries 750g

AED 14.25

Al Ain Okra Fine 400g

AED 5.00

Sadia Garden Peas 3 x 450g

AED 17.50

Ardo Strawberries 500g

AED 18.75

McCain Onion Rings 400g

AED 17.00

Al Ain French Fries Classic Cut 2.5kg

AED 13.95

McCain Super Crisps Fried Potatoes 1.5kg

AED 25.90

Watties Frozen Green Peas 900g

AED 14.75

Lulu Shoe String French Fries 1kg

AED 7.90

McCain Tradition Straight Cut Potato 1.5kg

AED 22.75

Lulu Fresh Frozen Tapioca Small Cuts 700g

AED 5.95

Watties New Zealand Mixed Veges 450g

AED 8.00

Americana Garden Peas 900g

AED 12.50

Siafa Sukkary Rutab Dates 500g

AED 17.50

Dat Schaub Potato Specialities Hash Brown 1kg

AED 9.75

Dat-Schaub French Fries 1kg

AED 7.50

McCain French Fries Tradition 2 X 750g

AED 18.50

Ardo Blueberries 500g

AED 31.00

Al Kabeer Green Peas 400g

AED 5.25

Green Giant Mixed Vegetable With Corn 450g

AED 9.00

Vadilal Amla Indian Gooseberry 312g

AED 4.25

Dat-Schaub French Fries 2.5kg

AED 17.50

Al Ain Tender Okra Zero 400g

AED 7.25

Lulu Chopped Spinach 400g

AED 3.25

Emborg Mixed Vegetables 450g x 3pcs

AED 18.50

Sunbulah Strawberry 800g

AED 11.00