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Dairy, Eggs & Cheese

729 Products found

Almarai Fresh Milk Full Fat 1 Gallon

AED 20.25

Almarai Fresh Milk Full Fat 2Litre

AED 11.55

Al Ain Fresh Milk Full Cream 1 Gallon

AED 20.25

Al Ain White Eggs Large 30pcs

AED 16.95

Al Ain Fresh Milk Full Cream 2Litre

AED 11.55

Al Rawabi Fresh Milk Full Cream 1 Gallon

AED 20.25

Organic Freerange Eggs 10pcs

Organic Freerange Eggs 10pcs

AED 22.75 AED 13.90

Sutas Turkish Labneh 250g Approx. Weight

AED 6.50

Sunbulah Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 1kg

AED 39.90

The Three Cows White Cheese Light 500g

AED 9.70

Puck Cream Cheese Spread Garlic & Herbs 200g

AED 8.80

Pinar Halloumi Cheese 200g

AED 14.60

Rachel's Organic Natural Greek Style Yogurt 450g

AED 17.50

President Unsalted Butter 250g

AED 14.45

Al Ain Camelait Fresh Camel Milk Full Cream 500ml

AED 8.70

Village Dairy Natural with Honey Bio Live Yogurt 450g

AED 12.90

Almarai Triangles Cheese 24 Portion 360g

AED 9.75

Kraft Mexican Cheddar Cheese Jack 226g

AED 23.90

Flora Original Vegetable Oil Spread 2 x 500g

AED 24.75

Nada Greek Yoghurt Drink Strawberry with Cereal 330ml

AED 4.95

Polly-O Shredded Parmesan Cheese 141g

AED 20.50

Crystal Farms Shredded Cheddar Cheese 226g

AED 24.50

Yoplait Apricot Fruit Yoghurt Full Cream 120g

AED 1.90

The Three Cows White Cheese Full Cream 500g

AED 8.80

Al Ain Fresh Milk Skimmed 2Litre

AED 11.55

Grana Padano Cheese 150g

AED 21.50

Almarai Fresh Date Milk 250ml

AED 2.00

President Turkish Labneh 275g

AED 10.75

Balade Halloumi Low Fat Cheese 250g

AED 13.25

Knudsen Hampshire Sour Cream 227g

AED 15.70

Regal Picon Cheese Triangles 24 Portions 360g

AED 9.30

Puck Havarti Natural Cheese Slices 150g

AED 11.30

Al Ain Chocolate Milk 250ml

AED 1.90

Activia Stirred Yoghurt Full Fat Peach & Apricot 120g

AED 2.00

Yoplait Fruit Yoghurt Assorted 8 x 120g

AED 10.50

Frico Edam Red Hot Dutch Cheese Slices 150g

AED 12.40

Kraft Deli Deluxe White American Cheese Slices 453g

AED 36.90

Vegin Spinaches Hamburger 160g

AED 12.95

Elle & Vire Greek Fruit Yogurt Vanilla 125g

AED 4.15

Sargento Off The Block Traditional Cut 4 Cheese Mexican 226g

AED 27.25