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Baker Street Rye & Wheat Bread 500g

Baker Street Rye & Wheat Bread 500g

AED 18.40 AED 15.50

Baker Street Seeded Rye Bread 500g

Baker Street Seeded Rye Bread 500g

AED 19.45 AED 16.50

French Baguette Brown 1pc

AED 3.00

Lulu Croissant With Chocolate Cream Filling 55g

AED 1.40

Lulu Croissant With Strawberry Filling 55g

AED 1.40

Kontos Missy Roti 397g

AED 12.75

Lulu Pan De Coco 1 packet

AED 3.50

Kontos Flatbread Olive 316g

AED 12.75

Mission Tomato Tortilla Wrap 420g

AED 10.25

Lulu Mamon 1pkt

AED 3.75

Mission Tortilla Wraps Original 224g

AED 5.95

Lusine Plain Burger Buns 6Pcs

AED 3.90

Fresh Baguette French 1pc

AED 2.70

Lulu Monay Small 1 packet

AED 2.90

Kontos Tandoori Nan 397g

AED 12.75

Kontos Massala Nan 316g

AED 12.75

Mission Tortilla Wrap Whole Wheat 420g

AED 10.25

Kontos Kulcha Nan 397g

AED 12.75

Mission Tortilla Wraps With Spinach 420g

AED 10.25

Kontos Flatbread Hummus 316g

AED 12.75

Dejeunettes Viennoise 1 Packet

AED 2.65

Mission Drum Trotillas 378g

AED 10.25

Kontos Roghani Nan 397g

AED 12.75

Lulu White Sandwich Bread 1pkt

AED 4.25

Lusine Sesame Seed Burger Bun 6pcs

AED 4.20

Lulu Oven Fresh Sliced Bread Whole Meal 625g

AED 6.25

Modern Bakery Sandwich Bread Brown Medium 1 Packet

AED 3.95

Kontos Flatbread Multi Grain 397g

AED 12.75

Lulu Large French Stick 1pc

AED 2.25

Lulu Sliced Milk Bread Large 625g

AED 5.50

Lulu Oven Fresh Sliced Bread Whole meal 315g

AED 3.75

Lusine Potato Burger Buns 6pcs

AED 5.75

Lulu White Bread Large 1pkt

AED 3.25

Lulu Sliced White Bread 315g

AED 2.25

Modern Bakery Slim Slice Protein Bread 1 Packet

AED 8.95

Creamy Brioche 1pc

AED 5.90

Lulu Sliced Butter Bread 500g

AED 4.75

7 Days Croissant With Strawberry Filling 6 x 55g

AED 7.90

7 Days Croissant With Cocoa Cream Filling 6 x 55g

AED 7.90

St Pierre Sliced French Brioche Loaf 500g

AED 27.90