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Prime Chicken Mortadella With Spice 250g

AED 7.35

Senora Chicken Sausage 240g

AED 12.50

Prime Turkey Mortadella Olives 500g

AED 16.25

Bibi Beef Mortadella Spicy Low Fat 250g

AED 6.75

Lulu Beef Mortadella Spicy 250g

AED 8.10

LuLu Beef Mortadella Assorted 3 x 350g

AED 32.50

Al Wadi Roast Chicken Breast Smoked 200g

AED 11.80

Senora Jumbo Chicken Sausage With Sage & Onion 240g

AED 12.50

Bibi Smoked Turkey Breast Pepper Slices 200g

AED 17.90

Carne Diem BBQ Smoked Halal Beef Stick 25g

AED 8.50

Khazan Mortadella Turkey 250g

AED 21.90

Zwan Chicken Smoked Sausage 250g

AED 17.75

Bibi Chicken Mortadella Olives Low Fat 250g

AED 6.45

Euro Gourmet Sliced Turkey Breast Mediterranean 130g

AED 14.50

Al Wadi Roast Turkey Breast Smoked 200g

AED 13.90

Carne Diem Smoked Halal Beef Stick 25g

AED 8.50

Prime Turkey Mortadella Pepper 500g

AED 16.25

Prime Turkey Mortadella Plain 500g

AED 16.25

Senora Traditional Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast 250g

AED 14.75

Lulu Beef Mortadella With Pistachio 250g

AED 8.15

Al Wadi Beef Mortadella Plain 250g

AED 7.50

Al Wadi Beef Mortadella With Olives 250g

AED 7.50

Prime Smoked Turkey Breast Roasted With Olive 250g

AED 19.50

Euro Gourmet Sliced Chicken Breast With Olives 130g

AED 13.90

Senora Chicken Rashers 300g

AED 12.50

Khazan Mortadella Beef 250g

AED 16.20

Bibi Chicken Mortadella Plain 500g

AED 10.75

Bibi Chicken Mortadella Olives 500g

AED 10.75

LuLu Beef Mortadella Black Pepper 350g

AED 11.25

LuLu Lamb Franks 500g

AED 20.50

LuLu Chicken Mortadella Assorted 3 x 350g

AED 32.50

Prime Chicken Mortadella Olives 500g

AED 10.90

LuLu Beef Mortadella Plain 200g

AED 12.95

LuLu Beef Mortadella with Olives 200g

AED 12.95

LuLu Beef Mortadella Spicy 200g

AED 12.95

Lulu Roasted Beef 250g

AED 14.45

LuLu Beef Breakfast Sausage 300g

AED 10.90

Siniora Chicken Mortadella Plain 250g

AED 9.50

Lulu Beef Mortadella With Olive Low Fat 250g

AED 7.45

LuLu Smoked Turkey Breast Fat Free 250g

AED 19.75