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Bibi Beef Mortadella Olives 500g

AED 10.75

Mayda Beef Mortadella Spicy 250g

AED 6.65

Siniora Chicken Mortadella Plain 500g

AED 20.50

Myda Beef Mortadella Plain 250g

AED 6.75

Khazan Beef Cured 250g

AED 17.55

Prime Turkey Mortadella Pepper 500g

AED 16.25

Myda Chicken Mortadella Plain 250g

AED 6.75

Rayants Beef Banger Oak Smoked Sausage 4pcs

AED 16.90

Rayants Chicken Cheese Knacker Sausage 6pcs

AED 14.90

Rayants Chicken Cheese Hotdog Smoked 4pcs

AED 19.50

Rayants Angus Beef Hot Dog Smoked 4pcs

AED 22.90

Al Wadi Chicken Mortadella Mexican 250g

AED 7.75

Euro Gourmet Sliced Chicken Breast 130g

AED 13.90

LuLu Beef Mortadella Plain 350g

AED 10.50

LuLu Beef Mortadella Black Pepper 350g

AED 10.50

LuLu Smoked Beef Strips 200g

AED 11.90

Al Wadi Beef Mortadella With Pepper 250g

AED 7.50

Al Wadi Beef Mortadella With Olives 250g

AED 7.50

Siniora Chicken Mortadella With Olives 500g

AED 20.50

LuLu Beef Franks 500g

AED 15.50

LuLu Cooked Chicken Sausages 500g

AED 18.25

LuLu Beef Mortadella Plain 200g

AED 8.90

LuLu Beef Mortadella Spicy 200g

AED 8.90

LuLu Chicken Mortadella with Black Pepper 200g

AED 8.90

LuLu Arabic Basturma 200g

AED 15.50

LuLu Smoked Turkey Thigh 200g

AED 15.95

LuLu German Frankfurter 500g

AED 19.50

Zwan Chicken Smoked Sausage 250g

AED 17.75

Siniora Beef Mortadella With Pistachio 500g

AED 19.90

Bibi Smoked Turkey Breast Olives 200g

AED 17.90

Bibi Smoked Turkey Breast Pepper Slices 200g

AED 17.90

Siniora Beef Pepperoni 200g

AED 19.00

Euro Gourmet Sliced Chicken Breast Piri Piri 130g

AED 14.95

Bibi Smoked Turkey Breast Mexican Slices 200g

AED 17.90

LuLu American Style Cooked Sausage 500g

AED 19.95

LuLu Chicken Mortadella Black Pepper 350g

AED 10.50

Bibi Smoked Turkey Breast Plain Slices 200g

AED 17.50

Khazan Chicken Cocktail Sausage 250g

AED 16.90

Khazan Beef Sausages 250g

AED 13.50

Euro Gourmet Veal Breakfast Slices 200g

AED 21.50