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Video Quality

1080p Video Resolution

Key Information

Product Type

Action Camera



Model Name



Battery Type

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery








Water Resistant



Micro SD


Two-Inch Touchscreen,Waterproof + Durable,Voice Control,Wi-Fi + Bluetooth,Auto-Offload to Your Phone,QuikStories Enabled,Automatic Cloud Backup,Full HD Video + High-Quality Photos

The GoPro G02CHDHB-501 Action Camera features various night photo modes that let you capture fantastic images in any lighting condition. This camera features the all-new GP1 chip and comes packed with many advanced features to make your photography experience more immersive than other. It is equipped with a 12MP camera with excellent image and video stabilization techniques and lets you capture true-to-life images, and also supports 1080p video capture. This camera also features a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo that will serve your connectivity and sharing needs. Moreover, it sports a beautiful 2inch camcorder for intuitive control and comes with an inbuilt voice control mechanism that lets you capture pictures by just your voice, allowing for hands-free control. This camera is made of premium materials that make it long-lasting. It has a water-resistant design and can withstand a depth of up to 10m in water, making it an excellent choice for underwater photography. Available in a black finish, this camera looks great and has a super compact design, which makes it ideal for carrying on your trips and journeys.
Experience the one of a kind shooting experience with this GoPro Action Camera. The 12MP rear shooter with image stabilization lets you capture stunning pictures with impressive detail and clarity. The single, burst and time-lapse modes allow for a controlled shooting experience while the HDR photo mode enables you to make excellent mind-blowing reproductions of what your eyes see. Moreover, this camera features video stabilization, which allows you to record 4K videos at 60fps and 1080p videos at 240fps. The Slo-mo pro mode of this enables stunning slow-motion playback of your highlights so that you can enjoy every moment.
This GoPro Camera with camcorder makes the use of the all-new GP1 chip that offers the perfect blend of quality and performance, taking your entire photography experience to new heights. It comes with inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you share your captured photos and videos with other devices. Also, this high-definition camera features advanced audio processing that allows you to extract more audio from the surroundings, ensuring you hear every dialogue with clarity.
Engage in low-light photography with this high-class GoPro Camera. It features night photo modes that make sure your photography experience does not stop, in any lighting conditions. Furthermore, this camera also features an auto low light mode that automatically adjusts the camera settings to brighten the entire picture, ensuring they always look great.
This GoPro video camera is designed for convenience and is incredibly easy to use. It features a camcorder with a 2inch touchscreen display that allows for intuitive control, saving you the hassle of pushing the buttons for executing tasks. This fantastic camera comes with inbuilt voice control with a 10m listening range that lets you click pictures with just your voice, making it perfect for selfies or group photos.
This GoPro camcorder camera is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials and will surely last years of vigorous use. Moreover, it has a waterproof design and can easily survive a depth of up to 10m in water, so even if you drop them in a pool, you can rest assured it will be safe. So, you can take pictures of breathtaking environments in the sea or of your family and friends, as you are underwater.

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Gopro Action Camera Hero with Touch LCD G02CHDHB-501


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