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About NIA: From leading HVAC solutions to innovative home appliances and well-being products, we bring to people high-quality brands that enhance the quality of life and make living all the more enjoyable. Our Values: Integrity We are honest and sincere in everything we do, never compromising on quality and authenticity. Driven by the trust our customers place in us, we believe in doing the right thing always. Respect Guided by empathy and compassion, we treat everyone equally. We value all our customers and colleagues alike and recognise each one’s integral contribution to our ongoing journey. Accountability We have a strong sense of responsibility towards our customers and peers. We understand the impact our actions have, always honor our commitments and take ownership with confidence. Collaboration We always work as a team: encouraging each other, supporting new ways of working, and drawing inspiration from individual successes. Our ability to work together extends to our customers as well: we listen, understand, and work closely to find joint solutions for success.

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Returns Policy We are happy to assist you and manage all your requests for return! 7 Days Returns Items purchased from Nia limited can be returned within 7 days meeting the following conditions. The product must be returned with the original packaging and unopened. Once the goods are received physically by NIA warehouse, within two business days refund will be processed. If the product has been used, or the product’s original box is opened, NIA may decline the refund and return the product back to the customer, unless there is a manufacturing defect or no valid report with reasons/justifications.

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