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Wedding Jewelry Trends You Need To Know

If you want to achieve the perfect look on your wedding day without seeming like you are trying too hard, you should invest in simple jewelry. Whether you want to focus on earrings, a pendant, or your ring, choosing a piece that is fashion forward will make you look stylish.

Here are the hottest wedding jewelry trends you should know about:

Vintage Charm

Vintage jewelry will make you look elegant and give you a timeless look while adding a touch of glamour to your wedding day. Vintage jewelry is back with a bang and topping most wedding trends. Whether you like geometrical shapes, pearls, or art deco, there is something for every bride.

Floral Motifs

Floral jewelry is a stylish trend that goes well with the wedding season. With poetic floral shapes that complement the bride looking for something sophisticated yet playful, you will not be disappointed. You can opt for romantic flower-inspired bracelets and earrings to complete your bridal look.

Cocktail Rings

Do you want a unique piece of jewelry that will make everyone’s head turn? Opt for a huge cocktail ring that will be the center of attention. When this ring is embellished with gemstones and diamonds, it will undoubtedly catch the eye of many people. Cocktail rings are best for brides who want to stand out.

Minimalistic Jewelry

If you do not like wearing jewelry or do not want to call too much attention to yourself, wear minimalistic jewelry – something that is not over the top but is stylish. Dainty pieces such as simple diamond necklaces, delicate earrings, or thin bracelets will speak volumes if you want to look elegant. The advantage of choosing minimalist jewelry is that you can wear the pieces again after your wedding.

Diamond Chokers

A diamond choker is a luxurious piece ideal for brides with a great sense of style. Wearing a choker adorned with diamonds will really complement plunging necklines and strapless dresses. If you ask a professional jeweler, he or she can make a piece that is the perfect fit.

Chain Fashion

A chain is a bold piece that is trending thanks to its flexibility. A bold chain bracelet or cuff will look great when you pair it with another piece of jewelry. These pieces do not have any gems and are usually made of gold that is highly valuable, light, and bold.

Statement Earrings

Wearing oversized earrings is the way to go if you are looking to come across as the perfect bride. These earrings will help you draw attention to your face and enhance your facial features. However, they do not suit every face shape, which means you need to consider this before you buy them.

Rose Gold

Rose gold jewelry is a sweeping fashion trend you need to have this year. Most brides are going crazy over this trend thanks to the romantic rosy hue. Rose gold metal has gained popularity over the years because of its charming appeal.

The choice of rose gold jewelry for weddings is limited, which means you should ask a goldsmith to make yours. Whether you want earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, have them custom made to fit you.

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