Unique Christmas D├ęcor Ideas To Incorporate In Your Home

By Team Good Life, 20 Dec 2017


Put up the tree, hang the ornaments and plug in the lights for Christmas is here, and it is time to get your home ready for the festivities. While seasonal decorations, such as wreaths and pinecone potpourri, are sure to add liveliness to your home, your décor does not need to comprise only of these. Here are a few additional Christmas décor ideas that represent the spirit of the season and yet are unique.  

Add festive illumination – Give your guests an epic first impression with festive lights leading up the pathway to your house. LED lamps arranged all along the boundaries of your home make it look picturesque and very glamorous too. Hang Mason jar lanterns from the porch or balcony instead of string lights for added ambience.  Another great idea is to place a few LED lights inside the branches of your trees so that when lit up, the tree will seem to be glowing from within.

Create your own dining table centerpieces – Mason jars can be used in a number of DIY projects to make several interesting accessories. Create your own dining table centerpieces with Mason jars this Christmas for a unique touch to the décor. Pour a few spoonfuls of sugar into empty Mason jars and then place LED candles inside it to make it look like the candles have been placed in a mound of snow. You can also make centerpieces using battery operated string lights coiled in Mason jars or filling a jar with an assortment of Christmas tree ornaments, fir twigs and pinecones.

Create a conversation area – A big part of Christmas is catching up with family and friends. To make the evening cozy and intimate, create a conversation area that removes furniture. Instead, put down snuggly rugs, cushions and throws on the floor, so that everyone can curl up and indulge in a hearty banter session.  

Use non-traditional colors – Steer away from the traditional red and green color palette and opt for something more neutral. Black and white houndstooth print is a great option as it keeps the holiday feeling intact without being too conventional. Add touches of this print in stockings, ribbons, pillows and tablecloths.

Use balloons as accessories – Give your décor an unexpected punch by using balloons as a décor item. Balloons are easy to obtain and acts as a wonderful décor item that does not require much effort. Be sure to get them in holiday colors so that it does not look like a birthday party.

Image courtesy: shutterstock.com