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Tips To Work With Black In Your Home

Black is the color of the night sky, ebony, caviar and coal. It was one of the first colors ever used in human art. It's classic, deep, simple and elegant. And using it in decor is a statement unto itself. It's confident and self-assured. It's chic and mysterious. But most of all, black is beautiful.

Like all colors, black has variations. There is true black, which absorbs all light and is the opposite of white. But there are blacks with green undertones or purple undertones or blue undertones. There are very dark charcoals that read as black, and ashy blacks that read as charcoal. There are flat black and glossy black, and everything in between.

Many people assume that using black in decor will make things seem small and dark. But that is not always true. Black walls can look as endless as the night sky. They can seem to expand. And, of course, everything else stands out against this color: art, furniture, trim.

The trick, as always with color, is knowing which black to use and where to use it. Here are examples of black done right in everything from a country kitchen to a mod living space. Here are a few tips on how to work with black in homes -

  • Velvety black walls are so gorgeous, but they require good lighting. Black works so well in a lively, eclectic space with good lighting.
  • A white ceiling with ashy black walls gives a room gravitas. Black, like white, allows you to use a whole crayon box of other colors in a room.
  • A deep black wall works even in a room full of white and light. It's dramatic and gorgeous, and it helps create separate zones for work and relaxation.
  • Why shouldn't the bedroom remind you of night? A black accent wall adds interest to a plain box of a room.
  • Contrasting glossy circles on a flat black background add texture and playfulness, but the look remains somber and elegant.
  • An all-black room with white trim is crisp and classic.
  • A glossy back wall in an eclectic bedroom is like a piece of art. It's reflective and textured, and it allows everything else to pop.
  • Black is a good color for transition spaces, like small hallways and nooks. And art always looks gallery-worthy when it's hung on black walls.
  • So many eclectic modern rooms are big, white spaces. The addition of black gives modern rooms some weight and elegance and helps highlight the architecture.
  • Chalkboard paint doesn't have to be just for kids' rooms and kitchens. It can add a chic sense of fun to lots of different spaces such as kitchens and dining areas
  • A black and white kitchen looks like its straight out of a movie set. Black countertops are gorgeous, but they do show every piece of dust and crumb that land on them, so be thorough with your cleaning.
  • Black cabinetry is classic and works in everything from a New England farmhouse to an uber modern loft.

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