Tips To Modernize Traditional Home Decor


Two solid rules that decorators always abide by is to mind the original architecture of the home and to try to stay true to the roots of any house.  Of course, this does not mean that you should go all-out with period décor in your home. But, a balance between traditional and modern will give you a unique home design that will set you apart from everybody else. Here are a few more expert tips that will ensure your home décor speaks volumes!

Contemporary art

Contemporary art juxtaposed with architectural details of a traditional home bring out the finer details of the house without making it look like a part of a theatre set. Look for art with colors that complement the existing pieces in the house to make the décor seem seamless.

Stack your books

Most books are vertically arranged on shelves everywhere. It is the expected thing. Which is why, occasionally, when someone comes across books stacked horizontally it becomes very eye-catching. For a super contemporary look, create multiple book stacks with several inches of gap between them. If space in an issue, try a mix of vertical and horizontal arrangements.

Brighten up

Bright colors are an instant mood lifter. A sunny yellow looks refreshing and youthful at the same time. For a more traditional look, use a minty green. A pale shade of blue however, can give your home a bold, modern feel.

Get clear

Transparent furniture is very in right now! Lucite coffee tables, glass food carts, and acrylic chandeliers are some of the pieces that most traditional homeowners prefer. Having clear elements breaks up the monotony of wood and heavy furniture in traditional households. At least one accessory piece can add a contemporary touch instantly.

Solid Colors

Patterns can get a little fussy at times and runs the risk of looking dated. To modernize your space, stick to solid colors. Use textured fabrics, mixed metals and varied finishes to add interest to the décor.

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