Tips To An Amazing Retro Decor


Retro style décor spans several decades and the term can be used to describe almost any theme that is reminiscent of styles and trends that are more than 10-15 years old. However, the most common years which fall in to the ‘retro’ category are the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Further back than that and the styles go from retro to vintage.

Retro style décor is fun and lively with bright colors, wild designs and great flair that harks back to the fabrics and textures that were popular during the 60s. Here’s how you can bring in the retro style into your home.

Retro Style Furniture

Retro furniture has abstract structuring where each piece of furniture fights to be the focal point of the room. Retro style sofas are broad and elongated with multi-colored throw pillows to add color to the setup. Chrome barstools in red or pea-green are a great pick for your breakfast station. Ottomans too are quite a retro staple.

Liberal colors

As mentioned already, retro rooms have bold pops of color. Avocado or pea green is one of the most recognizable retro shades. Other colors include mustard yellow, brown, black, and red as well as combination of two or more of these shades. Tie-dye fabric, checkered prints and paisley fabrics are also a trademark of the retro era.

Retro Textures

Textures are one area where the 60s decorators really went over the top. Whenever you think of retro décor the foremost texture which come to mind are shag rugs, shiny plastics, vinyls, crushed velvets and velour. In short; retro decorating is all about bold textures and the more; the better.

 Room accents

Accent furniture is very important in retro décor. Fuzzy throw rugs, bead doors, scoop stools and lava lamps are some favorites. Also work in a few bold and unusual abstract sculptures to really amp up the period décor.

The right flooring

There are three solid choices when it comes to retro floors – natural wood, shag carpets and checkerboard patterned tiles. Take your pick!

Fun lighting

Lamps with square shades and tassels hanging off it are very retro choices. Alternatively, you can also opt for a multi-colored chandelier featuring a dangling cord draped from hook to hook.

The important thing to keep in mind when going for the retro theme for your home is to get rid of any inhibitions regarding mixing and matching colors, shapes and textures. Don’t tone down on the décor, just go all the way with every element of look.

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