Tips For Using A Phone While Travelling


When travelling internationally, don't let airplane mode or zero data prevent you from using your phone. Here are three tips to keep you connected (and entertained) while you travel.

  • Make sure you download Google maps of the area you'll be visiting – just in case you don’t have internet connectivity when you get there. To download a map, open Google Maps and bring up the location of the map you would like to save. Then tap Menu > Offline Maps > Select Your Own Map > Download. To access your map while you're offline, just tap Menu > Offline Maps and then select the map from the list.
  • One of the perks of using our phones to take photos is the ability to find them by location later. What happens when you can't get online, but want your photos to be geotagged?
    • On an iPhone, GPS can work when cell/data services are disabled. Go to Settings > Phone and scroll down to select "SIM PIN". Activate SIM PIN and set a PIN you will definitely remember. Power down your iPhone and then power it up. When you get prompted to enter your SIM PIN, don't enter it. Just unlock your phone without entering the PIN and do not enter it until you need to use your regular phone/data services. Till then, keep clicking photos and geotagging them easily.
    • Android doesn't have this feature like iPhone, but you can add a geotag once you come back online using apps (like Geotag or Geo Picture Map) that let you add location to previously clicked photos.
    • If you are going to an area that doesn't speak your native language, you can use your phone as a translator, even when you don't have a data connection. Before you leave, download Google Translate on iPhone or Android. Tap Menu > Offline Translation. From the list, scroll to find the language you'll need translated, then tap the download button next to it. The dictionary will be saved to your phone for later use.

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