This Stunning Mosaic Butterfly Stepping Stone Will Add That Extra Charm To Your Garden


Beautiful mosaic butterfly stepping stones are a creative addition to your garden. You can also display this butterfly mosaic in your house to add some color to your decor. Make this lovely, hassle-free project in no time. Go through our guide below:


  • 9" Butterfly Mold
  • Large Butterfly Precut
  • Stained Glass Chips (Purple)
  • Outdoor Cement
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Contact Paper
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Paper Towel
  • Measuring Cup
  • Mixing Bowl and Spoon


  • Trace an outline of the mold onto contact paper.  Trim to the size of the mold.  Note, the contact paper should be smooth and free of creases.
  • Contact paper should fit closely inside the mold.  To achieve a good fit, place the trimmed contact paper inside the mold and run a pen along the sides of the mold.  Trim away markings as needed and place contact paper to the side.
  • Using a paper towel, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly along the inner edges of the empty mold.
  • Create and place a pattern in the center of the mold.  Peel the backing off the contact paper and place in the mold sticky side up, over the pattern.
  • Following the patter, place stained glass pieces on the contact paper.  Place alternating colors of chips along the edge to form a border around the stone.  Place all pieces slightly apart and in from the mold's edge to allow room for cement.  Note the desired side of the glass will be face down.
  • Adjust pieces as necessary and press them firmly onto the contact paper.
  • Mix outdoor dement following the directions on the cement label.  If you wish to color your cement add colorants.  Wear a dust mask when mixing cement.
  • Pour cement slowly and evenly into the mold.  Do not move the mold while the cement is drying.
  • Tap the sides of the mold for two to three minutes to release any air bubbles in the cement.
  • Wait approximately thirty minutes to one hour for the cement to harden.  The cement will warm as it hardens.  Once it has cooled and set remove the stone from the mold.
  • Remove the stone by turning the mold over and lifting up the edges of the mold.
  • Peel off the contact paper and clean off any excess cement covering the glass.  You may clean the cement with a paper towel, sponge, or craft knife. 
  • Fill in any remaining air holes by mixing a small amount of outdoor cement into a paste and rubbing the cement into the holes in a circular motion.  If your project gets any marks or you have contact lines on the cement, you may smooth the cement out with sandpaper.
  • Allow to cure for 48 hours.



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