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The Top Beauty Trends Of 2018 As Predicted By Pinterest

From mulled wine hair to rose gold lipstick to snail mucus skincare, there's been no shortage of interesting beauty trends in 2017. But, come 2018, there is even more glamour in the works. Pinterest recently released their list of the top beauty trends they predict will be big in the upcoming year. Below, a sneak peek of the trends you’ll be seeing over the next twelve months—get ready to start pinning your

Next-level lashes

2018 will be all about amping up eyes with eyelashes that make a statement. Lacking in the lash department? Not to worry: There are plenty of options to boost your fringe. From lash boosting mascaras to false lashes, you can add length and thickness in a matter of minutes.

The trend: Beauty oils

The days of oil-phobia are long gone. Hair oils have become a go-to for adding smoothness and shine to unruly strands and facial oils are a veritable skincare miracle worker. Cleansing oils too are very popular. They dissolve makeup and dirt with ease, without stripping the skin off essential oils. And, there’s an oil for every skin type – even oily skin.

Graphic nail designs

If you’re not a fan of neon brights but still love a fun mani, this nail trend for 2018 is right up your alley. Negative space, geometric prints, and minimalist accent nails will be more popular than ever. And while the patterns might seem daunting, we promise the less-is-more approach really works for this trend.

Bright eyes

Bright eyeshadow and vibrant liner are going to be all the rage. Bold blue, sunny yellow, fiery orange, even full rainbow lids are totally acceptable for a night out.

Lip tints

Get ready to say goodbye to matte lipsticks and hello to lip stains. Unlike gloss or lipstick, stains quite literally leave pigment on your lips for long-lasting color that fades naturally over time.

So, go ahead and slay 2018

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