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The New Kindle Oasis Comes Packed With Advanced Features

When the Kindle Oasis first launched, it was clearly a luxury product. The Kindle Oasis 2017 is still as much of a luxury product, but it fixes the majority of problems seen with the first iteration. And it offers features never seen on any Kindle before.

  • The Oasis 2 looks different from other Kindle models. The screen sits to one side, next to two page-turning buttons. There’s a big battery inside the Kindle Oasis and the middle portion is slightly bulbous. The rear is made of aluminum. The aluminum sides jut out slightly above the display and the edges are sharp.
  • Amazon has added water-resistance to the device’s list of features. An IPX8 rating means the Oasis will survive being submerged in water for two hours. The device also supports Audible – the Amazon-owned audiobook store. These are the two most important features in the Oasis.
  • Note that the Kindle Oasis 2 has no headphone jack or speaker. Instead, you’ll have to use Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker to listen to audiobooks. Pairing the device with Bluetooth headphones is pretty easy and hassle-free.
  • The Oasis 2 has the same basic user interface. It has a larger 7-inch screen though. The bigger panel and roomier viewing area feels great. The screen has 300 pixels-per-inch resolution and an auto-brightness option. This automatically adjusts the intensity of the front light according to the environment you’re in, and it means you won’t have to go into Settings to make adjustments.
  • The light that brightens the display for nighttime reading is also excellent; there are now extra LEDs to provide more even light.
  • As mentioned, the battery unit is large. Amazon claims about 6 weeks of use. As you’d expect, the battery will be consumed quicker when listening to audiobooks. In the box you’ll get the cable for charging, which connects to a micro-USB port.

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