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The June Pro Oven Lets You Cook Like A Pro!

Here’s a convection oven that works intelligently, and makes cooking easier, quicker and tastier – June Pro oven. The new technology used in June Pro saves you cooking time, lets you cook from anywhere and also put up meals like a pro without the guesswork!


  • June Pro has Carbon Fiber heating elements which preheats the oven up to three times quicker. It also maintains accurate and uniform temperature inside the oven and thus cooks the food faster too.
  • The dual adaptive convection fans help eliminate cold spots by responsively adjusting the fan speed thus enabling faster cooking.
  • June Pro is equipped with 50+ Adaptive Cook programs which lets you choose how to cook your food by selecting doneness preference. Just tell June if you want a crispy chicken that’s juicy from within or golden-brown fries, you can get it all.
  • Much like a fingerprint or face reader on your smartphone, June Pro features a HD camera and Food ID which lets it know what you are cooking and suggests various techniques to cook it and also enjoy watching the food get done in no time right before your eyes. June Pro selects the required Adaptive Pre-set cook program to prepare your food.
  • It also has a built-in thermometer which lets you know the doneness of the food and prevent the guesswork. You no longer need to rely on your eyes, judging by how the food looks. You can know that food is done without having to cut it open with a knife.
  • It also has a built-in digital scale so that you can directly weigh everything in the oven itself.
  • The June Pro is Touchsafe. The exterior remains cool even when the oven is flaring up at a high temperature. The heat in the oven cooks your food without turning your kitchen in to a furnace.
  • The Oven is easy to clean. The door panel and crumb tray are removable and even the trapped food can be cleaned from hard to reach areas.
  • Connect June Pro to your iOS devices and download the app to control your oven from anywhere. You can even watch as your food gets cooked and get notifications when the meal is ready! June Pro’s software updates happen automatically, keeping you updated with the latest technology.

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