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The Industrial Age Returns

New age designs take inspiration from the old

Trends and styles are always, and most likely forever be, recycled.  One hundred percent originality is rare and most new trends have their roots in some style of the past. But that’s the fun about designs! The best things always come back and with a contemporary twist!

The penchant for industrial looks started quite a few years back when people were searching and collecting wooden, rusted and old metal furniture from garage sales, factory rejects or second hand shops.  The search was always for something unique and soon everything from shabby lockers to wooden crates was being turned into furnishings.

The versions of industrial furniture available today are mostly metallic with sharp lines and with a rough and unfinished look. The designs are clean and have a very nominal yet practical feel to them. While the harsh lines work very well in restaurants or public places, in homes they need to be offset withwith neutral colors and natural textures to soften the effect. To add more character to your furniture, you can use pieces from old furniture and blend them with the industrial décor.

Industrial furniture work best with an open floor plan which means lofts or studio apartments do best with such type of décor. For closed plans make sure your rooms are big enough to make exposed tubes and pipes look stylish; not unfinished.

The amazing thing about industrial style décor is that it evokes a sense of space. While this kind of metal fitting would have been regarded as rough at one time, with the addition of proper materials it creates a mood of a sophisticated formal sitting area.  Moreover, it is easily maintainable furnishing and can be recycled frequently.

If you are looking to make a head-turning décor change, look no further than the industrial furnishing store closest to you!

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