The Hottest Interior D├ęcor Trends To Look Out For In 2018

By Team Good Life, 03 Jan 2018


The New Year brings with it fresh changes in all aspects of life. Unsurprisingly, the first impact of these changes are seen around the house. With each passing year, interior decor get a revamp with new trends and designs make their presence felt. Here’s a look at the trending styles which will give your home a fresh lease on life.

Dark colors – Deep, bold shades are on the hot list for the second year in a row. An all-white interior decked out in rich jewel tones are the most popular way to incorporate this trend. Use colors like peacock blue, teal, burnt orange or even black for uber modern interiors that look extremely eye-catching.

Light and airy spaces – Dark walls look very chic, but also tend to cast gloom over a room. To balance out the moody effect of dark colors in a home, light fixtures, lightweight curtains and minimal furniture are essential. The minimalist approach to decorating, along with plenty of light, will keep the home looking cozy instead of dim and gothic.

Mixed metallic – Mixing metallic elements has gone from being a strict no-no to a resounding trend must-have. Contemporary decorators love using various accessories made of different metals, pitching together articles like copper lamps with gold foil embossed lampshades placed alongside silver snacks trays. One can elevate the visual interest in a room by layering metals across a variety of locations from faucets to cabinet hardware and furniture to light fixtures.

Light colored wood – Dark or red toned wooden finishes are fading in popularity and lighter palettes are taking their place. Yellow toned woods or whitewashed finishes are a great choice for floors and cabinets. Distressed effects in wood give a vintage feeling to the décor while also making the interior space feel more airy and open.

Natural materials – There is a strong push towards eco-consciousness in interior décor this year. Sustainable elements such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, linen, wicker and rattan are the top choices for furniture and accessories.

Smart devices – Though not really a part of interior décor, the increasing use of smart appliances in homes have made it a part of home décor trends. From home automation to security systems and even kitchen gadgets, digital technology will be visible in every part of the home. 2018 will surely witness a huge surge in using technology to rule the household.

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