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The 90s Are Back!

Rock it in grunge style

The fashion and beauty world functions in a cyclical way. For those of you who played it up during the 90s grunge heydays now get to relive the time as the angsty fashion is back!

No mention of grunge is complete without talking about the trademark makeup of the era. Dark, heavily made up eyes with deep colored lipstick is a staple if you want to channel the classic grunge beauty. Top it all off with the messy unwashed bedhead hairstyle. No, we are not suggesting that you actually stop washing your hair. Just muss it up and put in enough gel so that it looks greasy and uncombed. The whole point is to look laidback and casual.

Today’s version of punk and grunge is a little more defined though. Where the 90s punk was full of attitude, tough, harsh and with a sulky expression firmly in place, the new improved version is more feminine and even though the attitude still exists, the sulk is no longer desirable.

The clothes definitely hark back to the days of Nirvana! Tartan shirts, ripped fishnet stockings, chunky Doc Martens and faded ripped denims make up the base of the whole 90s style fashion. Feathers, on the head or on clothes, also make a statement.
Make crop tops your best friend. Cable knit sweaters and alpaca wool cardigans hanging loosely off your shoulder are the height of casual elegance. If denims are not your thing, go for plaid skirts or leggings. If it’s shirts you are wearing, then don’t forget to add a knot at the tails. Florals, are best avoided, but if worn at all should preferably be in little doses and a touch dark. Add a leather jacket for edge. Layer all your clothes and keep them all one size bigger and you are set!

To effectively recreate this old favorite, look through the list to know which are the staples you need to stock up on:

  • Tartans – In red and black or red and white
  • Ripped jeans
  • Ripped stockings but in a somehow very sexy way this time
  • Tank tops
  • Tattoos
  • Dr.Martins
  • Plaid shirts


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