The 2018 Décor Trends That Are On Everybody’s Radar


With a New Year starting, home décor fads have also changed to give the house a refreshingly new look. In case you are one of those missing the trends of 2017 such as minimalism, shibori print and more, cheer up, since 2018’s décor trends are that far removed.

Check out the new trends on the radar for 2018 -

Ruby red

This vibrant hue was prominent all over the runways in 2017 and is predicted to be huge in home décor as well. If all out red décor is a bit too much for you, then use versatile accent pieces and throws in this rich color to bring out the best of your home.


This plush and multi-dimensional fabric is the year’s go-to upholstery choice. Velvet which was once thought of as old-fashioned and fussy is the most trendy fabric of the bohemian age. Velvet upholstery is a bold choice and makes quite a statement with its luxurious presence.

Celebrating imperfection

Wabi sabi is a Japanese concept that celebrates tiny imperfections in all things otherwise perfect. An unmade bed in an otherwise spotless house or, a rumpled newspaper on a perfectly tidied coffee table may give you an idea of what the concept is all about. This trend is guaranteed to catch on like wildfire.

Copper Accents

The days of rose gold are coming to an end! The earthier hue of copper is now coming into prominence. With red and orange tones, copper offers a whole gamut of colors to keep your rooms looking peppy and bright.

Black & White

A graphic, high-contrast color palette add visual interest to any space. When added as accessories, it gives a sense of balance to the whole room.

70s Chic

Retro décor has been back for a long time and there are expected to be plenty of nods to the 1970s all throughout 2018. Use varied textures, 70s color schemes and plenty of groovy silhouttes to achieve the right effect.

Natural Materials

Use of organic and natural home décor elements are gaining popularity. Stone accessories rub shoulders with shells, lava rocks and items hewn from bone, this season.

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