Style File Of The Scintillating Miss Kunis!!


The spotlight focused on Mila Kunis at the tender age of 14 when she played Jackie Burkhart in the popular American sitcom, ‘That 70’s Show’.  Though Mila was no stranger to the camera, it was as Jackie that she finally found fame.  Her next big claim to fame came with Black Swan in 2010, for which she even got an Oscar nomination.  A red carpet pro by then, Mila Kunis quickly became the camera’s darling with her unfailing style and  picture perfect appearance.

Prior to Jennifer Lawrence, she was the face of Dior and since then she has groomed herself accordingly to suit the demands of the industry. Mila represents the different virtues of modern women, looking eternal and graceful, covering both innocence and extraordinary sensuality. Replacing Rihanna, Mila was recently named Esquire magazine’s “Most Sensual Woman Alive”.

Mila’s signature styling involves ladylike figure hugging gowns, preferably by Dior or Vera Wang. Lady like updo’s with smoky eyes and a natural lip tint are her favourite makeup.

Off-screen Mila maintains a very low profile appearance, mostly without make-up. Her “girl next door look” makes her more popular within her fan list. Mila Kunis loves herself some flat shoes to pamper her feet on a daily basis. However, when occasion demands, she is not shy of slipping into sky high heels.  Mila’s closet comprises of an impressive collection of snakeskin sexy pumps, sandals, stilettos, espadrilles, boots and gladiators side by side with sneakers and tennis shoes.

Her sense of fashion has helped her evolve from a teen-age actor to the lady that she is these days. While in most cases the outfit portrays a celeb, in her case it’s the opposite. Perhaps the reason being the fact that she doesn’t like her clothes to subdue her personality!


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