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Sony WF-1000X Gives You Sound Beyond Compare

Wireless earbud-type headphones don’t always sound amazing. But the Sony WF-1000X has made sound the first priority and the result is amazing. In short, you get excellent sound, total freedom of movement, and the ability to shut out noise. Read on to find out more.

  • The earbud mostly sits in your ear, only a little bit sticks out. The WF-1000X fit very nicely. There are two types of ear tips in a range of sizes. Each bud weighs less than 7 grams. There’s a transparent bit at the tip with an arc inside. That’s an antenna so that the two buds can communicate. A small fin (available in two sizes) helps to secure fit.
  • These buds could withstand a splash, but they are not designed for sports. Each bud has one button. The left ear takes care of power, pairing and noise cancellation. The right ear controls music playback, call start/stop and your phone’s smart assistant (Siri/Google Assistant). There is no onboard volume control; volume has to be controlled from the phone.
  • The case is a flat box with straight edges and rounded ends. It’s metal and feels sturdy. The bottom of the case has an NFC chip for quick Bluetooth pairing with Android devices.
  • It also has auto on/off. Remove the buds from the case, and they’ll come to life, automatically pairing with the last device you used them with. Replace them and the buds shut down, and the case tops up their battery levels. Each bud holds three hours of charge, and the case holds six – giving you a total of nine hours’ listening. The case itself is charged by USB-C.
  • The partner ‘Headphone Connect’ app lets you choose whether you want to prioritize sound quality or connection stability. That’s useful in network-congested areas.
  • The app also lets you decide whether you want to shut all noise out, or let in a little ambient noise, or let in just voices. The buds’ Adaptive Sound Control feature uses gyroscopes in your phone to work out what you’re doing, and adjusts the intensity of noise cancellation accordingly.
  • The Sony WF-1000X excels at clarity and detail. The sound is highly textured and very clean. For such tiny things (armed with just a 6 mm dynamic driver) the earbuds do an excellent job with dynamics. Also, no particular part of the frequency range is exaggerated. The bass reinforces the music without being overbearing.

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