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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Gives Phone Cameras A New Dimension

With the added camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can capture shots that have a bit of depth. There are also a few more benefits such as true 2x zoom, up to 10x digital zoom, and a Dual Capture feature. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of your new double camera.

  • When you first launch the Camera app, you'll notice a button labeled X2. This button activates either camera. Depending on which camera you’re currently using, it will activate the other camera.
  • By default, the Camera app launches in X1 mode. X1 is the standard wide angle camera setup. The X2 setting changes to the telephoto lens. Zoom up to 10x is possible, but after 2x it's done digitally.
  • Switch to Live Focus with a tap on the Live Focus button. The camera will switch to the telephoto lens, and add a slider to adjust the amount of blur applied to the background. You can view the changes as you adjust the amount of blurriness in real time. The screen will also give you messages to help you use Live Focus.
  • The Dual Capture feature, if used, saves two photos with each press of the shutter button when in Live Focus mode. One photo is the blurry Live Focus photo, the other is a wide-angle shot.
  • To use Dual Capture, open the camera app and tap on Live Focus. A series of buttons will appear on the screen. Tap on the button that looks like two pieces of paper or stacked photos. When it's yellow, Dual Capture is enabled. Go back, adjust the level of blur applied to a photo or view the extra wide angle shot in the Gallery app.
  • Open the Gallery app, then tap on the photo. The editor will show three options when viewing a Live Focus/Dual Capture photo. Tap Wide Angle and, to go back to the Live Focus version, tap Close-Up.
  • Note that leaving Dual Capture enabled will take up added storage space on your Note 8. If you have a large microSD card, you can leave Dual Capture turned on at all times. Otherwise, it’s better to leave it disabled.

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