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Redefine Your Home With Art Deco

When you think of changing the interiors of your home, there are various questions that come to your mind like: - What style will look good to that space? What style will you feel comfortable with? Which style to choose and will go with your budget? But let me tell you, choosing an interior design style for your home decor totally depends on the space you are decorating. Whether you are decorating the whole house, a single room, a bungalow or an apartment. There are many styles fitting for different purposes and there is an evergreen style that I would suggest you for your home decor known as “ART DECO”. It is a design style that developed following the World War 1 and flourished internationally in 1920s to World War 2. This style has survived in all the foreign countries and is always there in trend with a potential to stay. We bring you some ideas to decorate your space with art deco. Let's bring the era back. Your interiors will surely give a luxurious and royal look to your place with this elegant and glamorous style.

  • Art Deco Furniture:- The furniture from this era has some distinct characteristics and decorative elements. It has a popular streamlined design and a slick and gleaming effect with lacquer, polished wood and metal or glossy paint. Geometric shapes, angular patterns, stepped designs and bold curves all highlight the look. Color of furniture is an important decision with its style and shape. Go for light shades like white and cream with some contrasting shades like blue or use black lacquered wood.
  • Art Deco Lighting:- Lighting is what gives the best look to the art deco interior style. And you need to go for the best. Lighting is used extensively with a variety of choices. You can go for ceiling lights or lamps which are always in trend with its new designs or floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps. These lamps include different materials with different looks like torchieries in wrought iron or lamps of colorful glass shades or silver plated base metal with opaque.
  • Color the walls:- It is time to give life to your space by adding some new colors to it. In art décor style, textures with monochromatic color palettes were very popular. You need to keep the surface sleek and clean with bright and bold shades contrasting your decorative and ornate objects and furniture within the space.  Choose white combinations with eye popping colors like red and deep brown which were famous in the era and bring a glamorous look to a space.
  • Accessories: Add something more!! Display artwork and sculptures in your art deco interiors. Mirrors are the main element in art deco interior style; it has its profound space in interiors till today. You can add mirrors of different geometric shapes with latest designs which will enhance the beauty of the rooms. Your curtains can be with two shades tied to the corners. Add some vases of cameo glass, frosted glass or some marble. Bring these elements into your room for instant art deco appeal.

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