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Osmo's Creative Set Will Have Your Kids Jumping With Joy!

Kids love to draw and parents love to store their drawings. Our homes are filled with colourful bits of paper stuck to refrigerators, boards or walls, or lie yellowing in bookshelves between pages. There’s now a wonderful way to save your kids’ art work for posterity with the all new Osmo Creative set. Osmo’s creative set is an award winning game system, consisting of drawing and programming tool for the iPad. It is a package of a white board, markers, eraser, an app called Monster and some more previously released apps. Aimed at 5 -12 year old kids, Osmo’s Creative set is an amazing educative tech tool for the kids.

How it works

Your iPad has to be fixed to sit upright in a stand. The Osmo white board is fixed at the base of the iPad. A small angled Osmo mirror is attached to the top of the iPad. This allows the iPad camera to see whatever your kid draws on the whiteboard.

Once you download the Monster app on your iPad, it’s quite easy to get started. Any scribbling on the whiteboard using a marker works as an input to drive the software. When you launch the app, a cute and cuddly Monster, called Mo appears on screen and begins the question and answer game. Whatever you draw on the white board will get scanned by the iPad’s camera via the mirror and get pulled into the app. There are games that the kids can play – jigsaws, number games, and word games, learn to draw, and do many more interesting activities. 

Some highlights

Drawings - things that you draw on the white board are magically pulled into Mo’s world. The kids can create animated activities and these can be stored or shared with family and friends. Kids can pick an image from the camera, gallery or the web and use a tool called the Masterpiece to transform it into easy to follow lines and learn how to draw.

Coding - a playful character Awbie can be controlled using hands-on physical blocks as a coding command and directs Awbie on his strawberry munching adventure.

Games - Tangram is a game where the kids can arrange the wooden puzzle pieces to match the picture on the screen. The difficulty level of the puzzle can be increased as per age and capability. Newton is another fun filled game where any object or drawing can be placed in front of the screen and be manipulated to guide falling balls into target zones.

Words and numbers - the screen throws up images and the kids have to spell it using alphabets provided in the kit. Kids can download free content like geography or trivia. They can learn to add, count and multiply in an interactive game that makes numbers fun and easy.

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