Noted Pantry Staples To Make Cooking Easier


Often when we make a list before grocery shopping, we forget to include certain staples which are a must and can be a face saver in emergencies. Here are some staples that must be present in your pantry at all times to make cooking easier and simpler:


Sauces add zing to a meal. You can instantly transform a boring meal into something spectacular with a drizzle of your favorite sauces. Stock up on salsas, soy sauce, chilli sauce, taco sauce, pizza sauce, teriyaki sauce, fajita sauce, pesto sauce etc.


Spuds last quite long and do not spoil easily. Added to that, they are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and minerals and also cook easily.  Potatoes and sweet potatoes are therefore a must in your staples. You can bake them, roast them fry them into chips or cook them with vegetables.


Stock up on all kinds of beans. They are rich in protein and fiber. They are so versatile that you can make different varieties of soups, tacos, salads, or just serve them up as a side dish.

Peanut butter

Unless you are allergic to peanuts, stock up on peanut butter. You can use it as a spread on your snacks, bread, biscuits, fruits, celery or waffles. You can add them to smoothies, or dilute it with water and add to sauces to impart creaminess to the sauces.

Dried pasta

They are wholesome and you can make a whole lot of dishes with them. Choose nutritious pasta and enjoy soups, casseroles, pasta primavera, or stir fried pasta in minutes.


Nuts are an excellent source of proteins and good fats. They form a great side accompaniment to most dishes, sweet as well as savory. You can add them to cereals, salads, to desserts, yogurt, fruits or vegetables. 


Stock adds depth to your cooking. They also form a good base for soups or sauces. Making stock at home sounds good but tedious. Now you can stock up on low sodium or unsalted vegetable or chicken stock from supermarkets.

Canned fruits

When people turn up at your home unexpectedly, canned fruits can often be time savers for you. Dried fruit adds pizzazz to salads, cereals, and fish, and goes well with nuts for the perfect healthy snack.

Canned tomatoes

Keeping stock of canned tomatoes in your pantry is a great idea. Tomatoes form bases for most sauces, soups, or casseroles. Keeping some canned variety handy can make life a lot easier.

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