Kitchens That Inspire You.


You may already have a kitchen that is your neighbour’s envy or you are just considering that major kitchen overhaul; but you don't need a reason to check out some kitchen eye candy! We love how just looking at unbelievably fashionable kitchens on glossy magazines can get us in the mood for some cooking.

One particular trend that seems to be everyone’s favourite is an open kitchen. These eat-in kitchens are airy and allow people to celebrate food and cooking in a more personal way. Gone are the days when cooking happened between the walls of a closed kitchen. Open kitchens dovetail cooking and eating and make them an interactive and informal affair. With restaurants and eateries also going for much more transparency by turning their places into open kitchens, this is a trend we will see staying on for a long time.

We’ve compiled some amazing open kitchens from the interwebs for your viewing pleasure - maybe you could steal an idea or two too!

1. This beautiful kitchen is owned by Norwegian ceramicist Maria Øverby. We love this open kitchen in white, furnished with vintage finds, art and curios. Source:

2. Architect couple Julie Kierkegaard and Henrik Schmidt own a pretty apartment which houses this Boform-drawer kitchen. Source :

3. Designed by David Kleinberg, this open kitchen is so eclectic and tropical. Some art, a pair of swing-arm sconces and that wonderful kitchen island with bar stools – all help set this look. 

4. This warm-looking open kitchen is from a Georgian home in the London neighbourhood of Camden. Mixing aesthetics and functionality together, this kitchen also has open shelving underneath the kitchen counters. Source:

5. Interior designer Carla Smith took upon the job of remodeling this Los Angeles kitchen and gave it a retro look to it. You can see how large the kitchen island cum dining table is! 

6. Beautiful checkerboard tiles and strips, bench seating beneath a window for a cozy reading spot, long dining table, a blend of patterns - this is a quintessential Swedish design.

7. Designer from Maryland, Brooke Steuart’s Delaware vacation home has a nice and cozy open kitchen area which is large enough for entertaining family and friends. Courtesy:

8. This quirky and colourful kitchen is of a California family who knocked down a wall to open up the kitchen to the living & dining rooms. The kitchen island is the hub of their home. 

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