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Keep Track Of Your Heart Health With The Polar Oh1

The Polar OH1 is an optical heart rate monitor (HRM) meant to be worn on the lower arm or upper arm. As such, it is less susceptible to movement during vigorous exercise and more accurate than most wrist-worn HRMs. Find out more about it here.

  • An optical HRM requires contact with your skin at all times in order to take its readings through optical light. The small sensor in the Polar OH1 is held in place by an adjustable elastic strap, which ensures it stays planted against your skin to take constant readings.
  • The Polar OH1 connects through Bluetooth, allowing you to pair it with your smartphone. You can either use Polar’s own Polar Beat app or some other exercise app. The Polar Beat app provides some useful functionality, with lots of sports and workouts you can record.
  • If you like going on outdoor runs, the app is a good companion as it is capable of using the GPS functionality of your phone to map routes and pace (alongside the heart rate data from the OH1). There’s also voice guidance and goals-based workouts.
  • Across various exercises the Polar OH1’s readings are consistently accurate and the device compares well with a chest strap HRM (which is usually the most accurate). The heart rate readings refresh quickly to reflect increase and decrease in the effort you are putting in.
  • You can expect about 12 hours of battery life from a single charge, which should get you through a week or two of workouts. Charging requires you to take the sensor out of its holder and put it into a USB charging dock.

If you feel that chest straps and wristbands are inconvenient, the Polar OH1 is an excellent middle-ground. The form factor is far more convenient and comfortable, and the accuracy is much better than what you’ll see from a wrist-worn device.

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