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Keep An Eye On Your Home With The Amazon Cloud Cam

If you often leave your kids, pets and the elderly alone in your home when you leave for your job or travel, their security in your absence is what is topmost on your mind. Wouldn’t it be comforting to keep watching them and see what they are up to during the period of your absence? Amazon brings you the Cloud Cam which keeps you connected to your home 24/7.

Here are its key features

  • Cloud Cam is easy to set up. It just needs any flat surface or wall on which it can be mounted. Once the Cloud Cam has been plugged in, all you need to do is download the Cloud cam app and connect to your Wi-Fi. You will start receiving alerts immediately.
  • Amazon Cloud Cam keeps an eye on everything that happens in your home, every single minute of the day. If the Cam picks up any activity, it immediately notifies you. It has a 120 degree diagonal field of view.
  • The motion detection technology and computer vision technology notify of you of stranger alerts and alerts that matter. You can customise it and it will recognise people who are allowed into the house and not keep alerting you about people you trust.
  • The Cam records live Full HD video in 1080p. The video footage can be accessed using the Cloud Cam app on your smart device. You can also replay motion alert clips just to be doubly sure.
  • The Cloud Cam app connects to all Cloud cameras installed in your home and you can manage them all through a single app. You have to merely swipe to see another camera view.
  • The Cam is equipped to record even in low light or in the dark. It has eight infrared LEDs to throw light on the dark surroundings and computer vision algorithms which sense low light and automatically activate night vision.
  • The Cam is interactive and has a two way audio – a built-in mic and speaker, that lets you speak and be heard as well as hear your loved ones speak.
  • It works with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, and you can ask it to show you the Cam’s live feed, or speak to your family member or pet using the Cloud cam’s two way audio, and Alexa will carry out your command.  

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