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Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless Headphones Gives You Freedom From Wires

Jaybird has launched its new, slim, wireless, in-ear, sports headphone – the Jaybird Freedom F5. This Bluetooth headphone is sweat proof and offers good battery life and an excellent sound for in-ear headphone. The Jaybird Freedom F5 has a unique design and shape. Here are some features-

  • Jaybird’s new 5th generation Freedom F5 earphones are unbelievably tiny and the smallest headphones to feature a premium sand blasted injection moulded metal design which feels well made and durable. 
  • The design is eye catching – the buds have a proprietary tapered step down design which fits better in the ears. Since the buds are flat a helmet can be easily worn above it without any problem. 
  • The buds fit securely in the ear and play uninterrupted audio direct into the ear without leaking music to the surroundings. The Freedom can overpower external noise completely without having to raise the volume.
  • The removable fins nestle into the folds of your ear and stay put securely. 
  • The wireless headphone gives you freedom from the tangle of wires. The Bluetooth interface enables a simple pairing with your Bluetooth enabled device. You can enjoy hands-free calls as well. 
  • The headphones come with an inline remote which is wholly metal. 
  • The headphones are sweat proof and so you can wear it when you jog or exercise and even on long flights without having to worry about the headphones getting damaged. 
  • The Jaybird Freedom comes with a good battery life of 8+ hours – 4 hours from the buds and 4 hours from the charging clip which is fitted with a second rechargeable battery inside. 
  • The battery is rechargeable and gives up to 8 hours of use on a single charge.
  • Both the internal and external battery clips get charged simultaneously via a Micro USB port in the clip. 
  • The headphones come in 4 colours- carbon black, mix of silver and red, mix of silver and blue, and mix of gold and white. 
  • You also get a small carrying case to store the battery clip, the extra tips and ear fins that come with the headphone. There are three different sized Comply foam tips and a standard set of various sized silicon ear tips. 
  • The kit also includes a set of cord management clips, a cord shirt clip a USB charging cable and a charging clip. 

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