Is The Wait For iWatch About To End? Find Out…

By Team Good Life, 24 Jun 2014


Apple has been rumored to be working on its "iWatch" smart watch since late 2012, but the company has begun accelerating work on the project as it tries to expand its family of mobile devices to the wrist.

Various sources have confirmed that Apple has already started work on trademarking the name in a number of countries in preparation for a late 2014 launch. According to Reuters, mass production of the device will begin in July and will enter the market in October 2014.

Recent reports from reputable sources like Reuters and The Wall Street Journal have pointed towards multiple screen sizes for the iWatch, in sizes up to 2.5 inches diagonally, which is the size of the current-generation iPod nano. The iWatch face, said to be slightly rectangular, may protrude slightly from a band to create an arch shape on the wrist.

Along with multiple sizes, the iWatch is rumoured to be available at several different price points, suggesting an array of different band and face options in various materials to position it as a fashion accessory.

It is expected that the iWatch will include a durable sapphire crystal display, produced in collaboration with Apple partner GT Advanced.

While the iWatch will perform some tasks independently, it will be dependent on a compatible iOS device for functions like receiving messages, voice calls, and notifications. It is also expected to feature wireless charging capabilities, advanced mapping abilities, and possibly NFC integration.

Apple recently confirmed that the iWatch will send and receive messages, check e-mails, make phone calls, and enable chatting via voice commands. Similar to other Smartwatch devices, the gadget also tracks people's heart rates and perform other health-related tasks. So, along with serving as a companion device to the iPhone and iPad, the iWatch will be able to measure multiple health-related metrics like steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality, heart rate, and more.

Apple has reportedly designed iOS 8 with the iWatch in mind, and the two are said to be heavily reliant on one another. The iWatch will likely take advantage of the "Health" app introduced with iOS 8, which may display all of the health-related information gathered by the watch.


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