How To Transfer Your Nintendo Switch User And Save Data


The recent 4.0 software update for the Nintendo Switch has made it possible to transfer user and save data from one Switch console to another. You can now move your profile onto a different Switch and take all of the game saves and eShop purchases tied to your Nintendo account with you. Find out how to do this quickly and easily.

  • Note that, to do this, you’ll need to have both the source console and the target console with you at the same time. Make sure that both of these consoles have the latest 4.0 software update installed, are connected to the internet, and are plugged into a power source. The target console should have enough memory available for the new profile’s data. Use an SD card if it doesn’t. Also note, a Switch console can support a maximum of seven profiles.
  • On the source console, make sure that you’re on the user profile that you want to transfer. When you are, enter the system settings, select Users and then Transfer Your User and Save Data. Hit next (twice) and then select the source console. On the target console, go into the system settings and then into Users. Select Transfer Your User and Save Data. Hit next (twice) and, this time, select the target console. After this you can sign in using your Nintendo Account e-mail address or your Sign-in ID.
  • Once the target console is signed into your Nintendo account, it’ll start searching for the source console. When it finds it, hit transfer on the source console and your data will begin to move over. Bear in mind that you can’t have your user data in two consoles – once it’s transferred from the source console, your user profile will no longer be accessible on it. Unless you transfer it back.

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