Decorating With Gold

19 Jan 2017

With the resurgence of 1970s culture in fashion, movies, and music, is it any wonder gold is trending in home design? The tony metal is appearing in wallpaper patterns, as painted coatings on wood and metal furniture, as eye-catching accessories, and in fabrics and upholstery.Using gold in home design goes back as far as ancient Egypt, and it appears in every period and style through the ages since. A truly cameleon like accent, it can appear aged..

Decorating Trends That Are Coming Back

19 Jan 2017

They say that all good things must come to an end, but trends are the exception. Here are a few classic and creative design elements and details that have come back with gusto, and they're now better—and easier to replicate—than ever.Blue and WhiteA simple and sweet blue-and-white color palette feels fresh, despite the fact that it’s been a go-to combination for generations. A staple of the early '90s, it feels fresh when applied..

Create a Cool Teen Room Easily

12 Jan 2017

Peruse any teen furnishing catalog and you may quickly be overwhelmed with its glossy images of teenage bedrooms that have been decorated with designer home goods. Many magazines and decorating shows cater to the idea that you need tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of furniture and decor to decorate your teenager's bedroom.However, truth is, you can create a fabulous room for your teen without going broke in the process - or even without spending..

Never Fail Ways to Style Accent Pillows

04 Jan 2017

A sofa without accent pillows is like leaving your home without jewelry on. Accent pillows, like jewelry to an outfit, add so much to the look of your furniture and a room as a whole. Accent pillows add style to your furnishings by adding color, pattern and texture. Styling a sofa with throw pillows is all about mixing colors, sizes, patterns, and textures. If you follow one of these pillow mixing formulas you will create a professional look that..

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