5 Home Decor Trends You Need To Keep An Eye On

14 Feb 2018

Keeping on top of new trends and decors is a task. New design ideas keep cropping up every week along with fresh twists on tried and tested decor schemes. With so many ideas running around, it is difficult to keep track of what is trending and what is out. To make your work easier, we have listed the five hottest interior design trends to inspire you -Vibrant colors – Though neutral colors such as gray, beige and taupe are still everyone’s..

Home Decor Trends Everyone Will Be Obsessing Over In 2018

01 Feb 2018

In the fickle world of trends, home décor is certainly not immune. Tastes change all the time and everyone wants their home to have an updated, fresh look. So, if you are looking forward to some fresh, new spaces for your home, here are the trends to incorporate –BrassIf 2017 was all about copper and rose-gold, this year is all about their vintage cousin, brass. Brass accents look spectacular around the house and can be used to jazz up..

4 Simple Ways To Update Your Decor

30 Jan 2018

Whether it is a cozy update to an existing décor or an overhaul for freshening up the whole scheme, each detail must be planned meticulously so that it is eye-catching. Interior decoration should be easy, effortless and significant enough that it makes quite a difference to your room. However, not everybody can contribute the time needed for such an update. So, here are four simple ways in which to change your décor-Add a statement rug..

Décor Predictions For The Year Ahead

25 Jan 2018

With new predictions in style and décor cropping up every few days, it is inevitable that home décor trends are also shifting. The design world has its sights set on several new trends that will be very popular in the coming months. Here are a few trends sure to create a buzz in the months ahead.Colored Kitchens – While white is always a classic, this year kitchens get a colorful makeover. Rich colors such as grays and blues are..