What Goes With Red Walls? Find out…..

25 Aug 2016

Red walls can be bold, vivacious, classic … and hard to decorate around! If you loved the idea of red walls when you painted them but now feel at a loss for what else to put in the room, these decorating ideas are here to help.Gallery wall. Red walls create a striking backdrop for an eclectic collection of artwork. This is also a great way to tone down the red a bit — the frames will cover up some of the surface area, leaving just enough..

Ideas For Kitchen Gardening

24 Aug 2016

Make your kitchen appear more fresh and welcoming than ever by through adding plants to the space. Indoor plants are tremendously versatile and can be used in several ways to boost and refresh a room's décor and ambiance .See the best kitchen plants you can grow in your kitchen to decorate it.Lime Tree: Growing dwarf citrus trees indoor is pretty common these days. If your kitchen gets a generous amount of sunlight place a bonsai lime tree..

Right Kind Of Lamps For Your Space

17 Aug 2016

Do you think lamps are only for lighting? As a matter of fact, they do much more than that. Lamps often add character to your space provided you pick the right ones. Light up your house and intensify your style with the tips mentioned below for deciding on the right floor and table lamps for your home.A space minus proper lighting looks incomplete and unappealing. Each corner of a house requires a smart assortment of general lighting, task lighting,..

5 Classy Ways To Do Beach Home Décor

10 Aug 2016

Among interior design styles, few can go wrong faster than the coastal trend. A few sand dollars here, a pile of seashells there, and suddenly your house is festooned with a flotilla of decorative fishing nets (shudder) and oversize life preservers. But coastal can be classy. Given below are five tips to help your beach home evoke a vibe that’s carefree, cool, and easy-breezy.All white, all the timeThe best coastal interiors are built with a..

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