Decor Ideas For Sweet Sixteens

23 Sep 2014

Teenage is one of the most delicate times in anybody’s life. It is a time when a child is slowly transitioning from kid to adult. It is a time when all children incorporate changes into their lives. And, nowhere is this change most noticeable than their suuroundings; namely their rooms. This segment of Home-Décor is dedicated to all our teen princesses and we believe our ideas will certainly add a fun factor to their lives - Select..

Trio Of Tricks To Jazz Up Empty Walls

17 Sep 2014

Take a look at your beautifully done up home! Paints are perfect, furniture is posh, decoration is spick and span and accessories are up-to-date. All in all, quite an impressive arrangement. Still, you feel something is missing, right?  Yeah, it is that one empty wall, staring at you, and you keep on wondering what to do about it so that doesn’t look like a blank space inside your house. Here we would like to offer simple yet effective..

Add African Appeal To Decor

12 Sep 2014

If you are tired of western designs originating from the European nations or the ones from the eastern countries, then move towards the mighty African continent. Get ready to place effervescent African  prints, artifacts and designs under the spotlight. Inviting, vibrant, appealing and often transcendental, this continent’s design is as charming as itself. Still in a dilemma over a complete makeover, then do consider adding an element or..

7 Basic Cushion Décor Ideas

12 Sep 2014

Be it dressing or décor, using a mishmash of trends and styles never fails to cast magic. Cushions are not only one of the most common parts of every home décor, they also offer the easiest yet versatile ways of decorating. Wondering how? Here is a set of smart and hassle-free tips which will help one learn how to mix and match cushions.Opt for floral prints as they will merge with colors already present in your home pretty effortlessly...

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Trio Of Tricks To Jazz Up Empty Walls

Take a look at your beautifully done up home!..

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