9 Pro Tips To Mix And Match Furniture

28 Aug 2014

Switching up seating arrangements has become hugely popular as of late, and it's no wonder why. The concept is a simple way to add some major personality to a room and gives a space an eclectic, lived-in feeling. Yet, many people refrain from trying the trend, as breaking up the usual repetition can be intimidating and has the potential to look sloppy if it's done wrong. So what's the "right" way to go about it? We've rounded up the tips and tricks..

Smart Basement Renovation to Build A Home Office

27 Aug 2014

Files scattered on the beds and tables, a space entwined with laptop cables or desktop wires, dirty marker stains in all places; is this familiar to your work from home situation? We guess not!  Even the thought sounds pretty scary, isn’t it?Hence, to save you from all these messy affairs, in this section of home décor, we are going to offer you a set of excellent ideas which can turn those boring work hours into fun.Working from..

Peep Through Posh Windowpanes

21 Aug 2014

Who said, a window is just an opening to the outdoors? If you have the creativity, you can convert it into a portal that leads you to a scenic place of calm and relaxation. All that you have to do is to craft a cozy zone around it.  It’s time to design window seat which will add more ease to rooms and serve as inviting snug places for reading, writing, knitting, painting or just comforting and enjoying the striking views.  Window seat..

Murals To Glam Up Your Walls

14 Aug 2014

Wallpaper murals are a fantastic way to transform virtually any setting. They can add style and glamour to a home, and they can even help an office or business maintain its level of prestige and sophistication. They're great in children's settings like schools and daycare facilities, as well as in places that need a little extra cheer, such as hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices.The best thing about custom wall murals is that they..

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9 Pro Tips To Mix And Match Furniture

Switching up seating arrangements has become..

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