Decorate Your Home with Memories

18 Feb 2015

“When someone loves you it becomes a memory and that memory becomes a treasure for you”, rightly said pictures speak a million words, emotions, aspects of the inner self that too all very silently. When it comes to your walls, styling it with undemanding frames of art, can be a subtle way of expressing yourself. Photo frames adorn your walls; like a simple family photograph, pictures of your old memories, an art work or even a painting..

Valentine’s Day Special Home Décor Ideas!

With Valentine’s Day around, love is in the air. From gifts and chocolates, to flowers and candlelit dinners; numerous plans are on! Florists are packed, card stores are crammed and restaurants are overfilled. So, wy should the atmosphere in your house not be given a makeover as well?  Just by adding few items, one can turn a home into a super romantic Valentine’s Day spot. Read on to know how.Welcome with a well-groomed wreathThe..

Light Up With Tripod Lighting

05 Feb 2015

In recent times most modern homes have a fetish for pendants and wall sconces, especially for their space saving features. But, if you have the blessing of an expansive space, then don’t look beyond a tripod floor lamp this season. They are in vogue and are here to stay as timeless illuminations. Sleek, fashionable and fascinating, the tripod floor lamp can double up offering ambient lighting and focused illumination.Striking a Balance When..

Creating A Green Pasture At Home

04 Feb 2015

As the climate outside is neither too hot nor too chilling, it’s an apt timing to to relax on an afternoon or in the evening right at your doorstep. And you don’t need to go very far,, if you can set up your green relaxing zone as an extension of your home. Learn how to set a garden with this guide, so that you can cherish your alfresco space.Sitting space is a must in the garden. While wooden folding chairs and benches stools bring a..

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Decorate Your Home with Memories

“When someone loves you it becomes..

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