Get The Swank Factor With Sheepskin

28 Aug 2015

Are you among those who like things the fancy way? Then you must be aware of the gorgeous shaggy material which is making its presence felt everywhere. Any guesses? We are talking about sheepskin.  Take into account their great appeal, versatility to sync with seasons and extensive affordability and you will know why they are in vogue. Of course the authentic ones would be a bit heavy on your pocket, but there are economic options too. Without..

4 Trendy Décor Tips You Can Use In Your House Right Now

21 Aug 2015

These days, the awareness about décor is at a never-before peak. The various ‘looks’ one can go for, and the price-points they’re possible at, are plentiful; and the average home-buyer can now vie with the rest of the world when it comes to doing up a truly individual space. In this piece, we’ve done a round-up of a few on-trend, and not necessarily bank-busting, décor tips that you can keep your eye out for,..

Do Up Your Home With Trendy Floor Vases

20 Aug 2015

Break your idea of vases only by identifying them with container holding flowers on the table. Take the next plunge and switch to floor vases, which are being used as impressive accessories to transform a dull room, discarded corner or empty space into the centre of attraction. They complement almost every room and sync well with the existing theme, provided you select the right kind. To gather the correct information, read on!An array of choices:..

Decking Up Your Kids’ Room With A Bunk Bed

13 Aug 2015

Do you want to give your child a peaceful night’s sleep? If yes, look for a kids’ bunk bed. You have so many choices to choose from. But, when it comes to choosing the right model, here are some good tips that will help you to buy the right bunk bed:Ensure that the bunk bed you are buying fulfils all safety regulations. Check for all the safety features such as guardrails, headboards, and footboards. Explain to your child how important..

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