Color Psychology For Better Homes

02 Feb 2016

Home decor is often viewed as simply a matter of aesthetics -- what looks attractive. But proponents of color psychology believe that the colors you use to decorate your home can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family.If you like the idea of using color to create an emotionally healthy home, color consultants say you should first consider the primary function of each room. Next, pick a predominant color. Need ideas?..

Artificial Plants To Deck Up Your House

01 Feb 2016

Similar to natural plants, artificial plants and flowers can also give a fresh and welcoming feel to any environment. You can instantly add vitality and color to a dull room through them. Today we are going to give some ideas about the right kind of plants for different rooms of your house.The bedroomSince most physicians, advice not to keep natural plants in the bedroom, their artificial counterparts are a smart alternative. Artificial parlor palm..

Five Pops Of Pattern To Instantly Upgrade Interiors

29 Jan 2016

No matter where you turn, pattern inspiration is all around you — from modern architecture and traditional flooring to animal furs, floral arrangements and fashion runways. As homeowners and designers look to personalize spaces and create impactful interiors, patterns are being replicated with paint on walls, floors, furniture and more.Here are five up-and-coming trends that can help take your home from boring to beautiful by adding depth, color..

Five Décor Risks To Attempt This Year

29 Jan 2016

Making brilliant changes by taking décor risks can be your resolution for your house this year. You don’t have to spend sleepless nights thinking of a complete makeover of your house, as a few minor alterations can do the magic. Just follow this guide and take that required leap from your comfort zone and bring about a marvellous change.Deck with accent wallPainting an accent wall in variegated hues has been a much followed practice...

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