Create Your Own Beautiful Japanese House

22 Apr 2015

Japanese-inspired interior decorating style is a brilliant way of incorporating Asian flavour in to any home. It is not only simple but also provides a neat and tidy look. This turns your dwelling into a serene, sophisticated as well as inviting zone. Although Japanese décor scheme calls for a very specific look and you may feel a little jittery collecting the stuff, we bet it’s worth it! Here are some ideas to help you along the way!Wall..

Give An Artistic Extension To Your Loft

09 Apr 2015

At some point of time we all need some extra space at home to accommodate our growing family. If you do not want to move a house considering the steep cost, here is a cheaper option available – convert that loft in to an additional room. So, here are some tips you should consider if you have decided to give your attic an artistic face lift.For a good conversion, you have to find out if your loft is lofty enough for the facelift. The easiest..

Four Trending Themes For Your Son’s Den

24 Mar 2015

Interior designers often suggest that it’s easy to decorate your room following a particular theme. Designing a space around a center idea is considerably simple and looks in order too. One such concerned space is your boy’s room. If you are on a building or re-building mode, then here are some handy concepts.Space & AstronomyStar wars and Marvel comics have inspired boys to dream of becoming astronauts or space fighters forever. Decorate..

Add A Touch Of Spring To Your Home

19 Mar 2015

After the drab winter everybody wants a little color in their home. And, for once, fashion and life are perfectly aligned as sunshine yellow is a prominent color in home décor this year. Also pink, berry, emerald green, and overall more saturated colors. In fact, decorators suggest a range of flourishes — both subtle and bold — that can help transform your drab winter hideaway into a warm, welcoming spring refuge. Read on to know..

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Give An Artistic Extension To Your Loft

At some point of time we all need some extra..

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