Four Trending Themes For Your Son’s Den

24 Mar 2015

Interior designers often suggest that it’s easy to decorate your room following a particular theme. Designing a space around a center idea is considerably simple and looks in order too. One such concerned space is your boy’s room. If you are on a building or re-building mode, then here are some handy concepts.Space & AstronomyStar wars and Marvel comics have inspired boys to dream of becoming astronauts or space fighters forever. Decorate..

Add A Touch Of Spring To Your Home

19 Mar 2015

After the drab winter everybody wants a little color in their home. And, for once, fashion and life are perfectly aligned as sunshine yellow is a prominent color in home décor this year. Also pink, berry, emerald green, and overall more saturated colors. In fact, decorators suggest a range of flourishes — both subtle and bold — that can help transform your drab winter hideaway into a warm, welcoming spring refuge. Read on to know..

Design Your Floor With Lamination

13 Mar 2015

Laminating the floor is not just getting the best for your house; it is also an easy alternative for hardwood. It’s also a trendy and ‘sought after’ options for those who prefer the look of hardwood flooring and yet are smart enough to go easy on their budget. Having said that, there are some nuances to lamination that ought to be kept in mindWhile lamination was once thought of as a cost-effective substitute for hardwood, it is..

Thrive Your Décor With Stripes

04 Mar 2015

An accent wall is the most effortless approach to creating wonderful spaces and adding color, pattern and texture. There are myriad of ways one can accent the wall, but nothing can beat the assortment, oomph and classiness of accenting with stripes.  Read this guide to transform your striped wall into a focal point of your home decor. It gives choices to all; do it with sleek horizontal stripes or thicker vertical lines, the effect will be ever..

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