Transform Your Garden With These Simple Tricks

21 Jul 2014

With some thorough thinking, you can be assured that your home and garden will offer a memorable setting for Ramadan. Convert your garden into a beautiful and functional venue for your evening event. It just requires a bit of pre-planning, you can create an amazing external spot for your guests.EntryTransform the entry into a welcoming zone with the use of inexpensive fairy lights, traditional lanterns and candle lit walkways. Get a playful feel by..

Add A Touch of Brown !!

26 Jun 2014

Yes, this time the color is ‘Brown’. Surprised, aren’t you? Brown or the ‘earth color’ always symbolizes a feeling of warmth. It is weighty, vigorous, and encouraging. That’s why when we apply it to any area, it makes that place look more inviting, comfortable and at the same time pretty attractive. Moreover, decorating with brown is quite effortless as it’s a neutral hue and it more or less goes well with..

Bringing The Bolds In Harmony With Neutrals!

19 Jun 2014

There are a few who love to do it in a bold way. There is another group which is a fan of neutral tones and wants to play it subtle. It is undoubtedly a fact that a neutral palette is clean and timeless. But at the same time one can’t deny the fact that after a point it tends to feel a little dreary and dull and missing in personality without any accents. As your home reflects your personality, you don’t want to be regarded as someone..

Easy Décor Tips For More Garage Space

09 Jun 2014

When they can store one of your most costly and functional possessions, why keep them as a murky place to dump stuff? Yes we are talking about garages. Bring in the change and convert them into proper storage houses that can keep your car safe and act as more. From customized storage systems to fancy flooring the variety of garage renovating tips are boundless.Begin with de-cluttering the space. Discard all the items which are not being used for a..

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