Introduce Romance In Your Bathroom Decor With Illumination

26 Nov 2015

When we talk about creating a romantic atmosphere within our homes, we put more stress on bedrooms. However, the experts of current time suggest, even your bathroom can be renovated to ignite romance in your life.  And the surprising thing is that the solution advised by them is much simpler than you could imagine.  According to these proficient, a peaceful, spa-like ambiance can be created in your bathroom just by fixing the right kind..

Grown Up Ways To Incorporate Pink In Your Decor

25 Nov 2015

When it comes to choosing a paint color for your home, pink might seem like a girly choice. But, it's not just for little girls, and it goes with way more than frills and lace. Pink is cheery, sophisticated, and even sexy. While it can certainly make a room feel more feminine, the pretty hue can also have a surprising impact.From bubblegums that pop to blush tones that feel more refined, a splash of pink can instantly change a room’s mood, adding..

3 Home Décor Trends to Try Out

25 Nov 2015

From home design trends that embrace mindfulness to sumptuous wintery colors and fabrics that warm the soul, there are so many stylish ways to update your home this Fall/Winter season. Here are some decor trends to draw inspiration from:Mindfulness Meets NatureThis trend marries mindfulness’s zen and airy attitude with a cool yet earthy palette. We live in a world with constant noise and distractions, that’s why our homes should aim for..

Floral Arrangements In Feng Shui

19 Nov 2015

Over the past couple of decades, Feng Shui has gained popularity throughout the world because of its simple yet effective approaches. Having its origin from China, it is an ancient art and science evolved over 3,000 years ago. Feng Shui puts stress on how to balance the energies of any concerned space by means of different objects. The main purpose is to promote wellness of the resident.  In many cultures, fresh flowers considered as one of the..

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Floral Arrangements In Feng Shui

Over the past couple of decades, Feng Shui..

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