Redefine Your Home With Art Deco

15 Nov 2017

When you think of changing the interiors of your home, there are various questions that come to your mind like: - What style will look good to that space? What style will you feel comfortable with? Which style to choose and will go with your budget? But let me tell you, choosing an interior design style for your home decor totally depends on the space you are decorating. Whether you are decorating the whole house, a single room, a bungalow or an apartment...

De-coding The Rules Of Minimalist Decor

08 Nov 2017

Many people aren’t very clear about the concept of minimalist decor. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean plain, dull and boring as a lot of individuals interpret it to be.  Minimalists aren’t against displaying prints either and nor do they despise color! The “plain” truth is that minimalists are individuals who prefer simplicity. They are individuals who like an organized and clutter free environment to reside in.However,..

8 Autumnal Trends You’ll Love To Incorporate In Your Home

18 Oct 2017

Had enough of blush, botanical prints and all things tropical? Our checklist of autumn trends is here to help. From the rattan revival to the new way to do Scandi, here’s eight key ways to refresh your space for the season ahead.Inky interiorsInky indigo hues are warmer than grey – but just as versatile. If Victoriana wall-to-wall navy is too much of a commitment, try building up color with layers of cozy textures, accented with natural..

Liven Up Your Backyard

12 Oct 2017

Whether you’re entertaining or simply enjoying some peace and quiet, there is nothing more enjoyable than an outdoor space that is well designed. Now that your porch design is on point, don’t forget about the outdoor area in the back of the house! Take a look at our top backyard lighting trends of this summer and get ready to give your yard an instant face lift. Linear Deck LightingNo more missing a step or stubbing your toes, this..

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Liven Up Your Backyard

Whether you’re entertaining or simply..