Nursery Décor Tips For First Time Parents

Does anyone have any idea what they’re in for when they’re about to become parents for the first time? Most likely they don’t. Apart from the worry of pregnancy itself, bringing up a child presents a huge challenge. The least that can be done is to make sure the baby’s room or nursery is well equipped to deal with their needs. So, for the new parents out there, here are 4 essential décor tips for nurseries.Make yourself..

Top Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Reception Tables

Table decoration is a pain and more so if it’s at a wedding. Here is a breakdown of wedding table decoration rules to make your ceremony all the better.Rectangular TablesReach High: Break up the long, narrow tables with height. This will give your tables some dimension. Be creative: Alternate between ceramic vases and candlesticks.Balance It Out: Consider the space. Oversized windows need to be balanced out. Longer tables are the perfect solution..

Invite More Greenery In Your Bathroom

Other than their decorative look, most houseplants also help in purifying the air. Thus, use them to invite fresh air inside your abode including the bathroom, too. Putting plants in the bathroom is not as simple as they seem. One needs to be really careful before investing on houseplants because the environment inside your bathroom differs from the rest of your house.   First and foremost, consider the type of plant. As we know, some plants..

Creative Ideas For A Beautiful Workstation

24 Sep 2015

Using everyday objects, collections and beautiful items, you can blur the boundary between a workspace and living zone. You’re far more likely to be productive in a space that you enjoy.For a casual, creative atmosphere, seek out interesting pieces in second-hand stores or on eBay – think upholstered chairs, desktops with character or old-fashioned bureaus. Choose accessories that are attractive enough to be left out on display, such as..

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Nursery Décor Tips For First Time Parents

Does anyone have any idea what they’re..

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