Let The Light Lead You Home

Being a warm host you might ensure everything that pleases your guests, but a little casualness towards the aesthetic of the exterior of your abode can spoil all your efforts. Considering lighting as a vital element of your outdoor décor, it is important that you pay enough attention to this aspect too. Yes those exterior light fixtures are one of the first things that attract one’s attention before forming one’s first impression...

Lighting Design Basics — Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting

19 May 2016

Lighting is an important piece of the interior design puzzle. Lighting design plays a very big role in how you experience a space. A successfully-designed room needs a mix of three basic types of lighting — ambient, task and accent.Here’s an overview of the three and some great ideas on how to succeed in lighting:Ambient LightingThe goal of ambient lighting is to provide even, overall light to a room. This is most often accomplished with..

Floor Vases: A Great Deal to Fill an Empty Corner of Your House

17 May 2016

These days, floor vases are one of the stars of interiors as they can instantly add an air of oomph to the ambience.  The concept of flower vases is no longer limited only to adorn a side table in our living area or just as a showpiece on the dining table. The modern designers have brought in floor vases as a wonderful way of turning a dull and forgotten corner into a focal point of the room. On top of that, one can easily choose from the wide..

3 Easy Ways To Style The Most Comfortable Bed

10 May 2016

Want the best bedding for a gorgeous, dreamy bed that isn't a nightmare to make? Use this neat cheat sheet to style a luxurious 5 star type bed which will make you want to never leave your bed ever again.Layer Shades of One ColorPairing solid pillows and sheets in a single color scheme is about as goofproof as a bedding set, but it looks a lot more interesting. You can build on what you already have: It's fine to mix textures and weights if all the..

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