A Rugtastic Affair

27 May 2015

Are you looking for an easy solution to give your room an instant effervescent transformation? If yes, do it with rugs that highlight the best features of your space. This article is dedicated to different types of rugs and their décor utilities. Read on to know more.The natural fibre rugs, including jute, sea grass, and sisal are called universal rugs. These rugs go well with any interior. Natural fibre rugs are best suited for rooms with..

Ten Striking Ideas for Your Dining Room

22 May 2015

Whether you are inviting people for a formal dinner party or a family get-together around the table for a weekend meal, the dining room is the spot in the house that gives you a fair chance to celebrate your happiest moments. Browse through our ideas and organise any style of dining room effortlessly. Incorporate a touch of modernization in your dining area through the chic industrial-style lighting. Such lighting can create wonders if complemented..

Make Your Wedding Spectacular With These Trending Elements

21 May 2015

There’s a strong spirit of individualism in the air this new year, with couples keen on infusing their ceremonies and receptions with personality — their own. The result is a wedding that feels very personal and unique.  How does all of this individuality come together? In the details, of course! Here are the most noteworthy wedding trends we’ve got our eye on this year.The LookBritish invasion. Credit the unwavering appeal..

Construct A Trendy Terrace Garden

14 May 2015

Terrace Garden is a brilliant concept that strolled in as a solution to space constraint problem in many modern houses. People who are fond of gardening, but can’t think of planting their favorite flora due to limited space usually opt for it. Terrace gardens not only make your house beautiful, but also have a positive impact on the environment.First things first, determine the area of your roof where you want to build a garden. Be sure that..

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Ten Striking Ideas for Your Dining Room

Whether you are inviting people for a formal..

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