Make the Most of A Small Living Room

29 Apr 2016

The living room should be the activity hub of your home; but what if this important space is seriously lacking square footage? Try these five tips for making the most of a small living room.Create a focal point. This can be done a few ways: paper an accent wall, hang a mirror or add a dynamic piece of artwork. Place your couch in the centre of your accent area to further reinforce your focal area, and if you’re pressed for space, go with a love..

Decorating Trends: What We Love Right Now

29 Apr 2016

Ready to give your home an easy update? Start with one of the decorating trends we are in love with right now -- both the ones still going strong even though they've been around for awhile, and the up-and-coming ideas you'll want to embrace now to solidify your status as a trendy maven of decor.Blue, Blue, BlueThis classic hue is experiencing quite the renaissance, in shades ranging from sky to indigo to teal, and sometimes all in one space. Since..

Get The Spa Feel In Your Home Bathrooms

26 Apr 2016

Bathrooms are probably the most used spaces of any house. With a lot of people in and out of these rooms, and so many products, towels, slippers and small appliances making their way into the bathrooms, they can easily turn into a place of chaos. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep them, clean, tidy and functional. Keeping the bathroom organized is not as tricky as it looks like. Many easy systematizing tips by the modern experts can help you get your..

Benefits to Going Minimal in the Bedroom

21 Apr 2016

Minimal has so many versions and variations. How about a bedroom which is lovely in is minimalism? A bed. Maybe a nightstand. A rug for softness underfoot. Maybe a light? They're not wall-to-wall stuff — and that avoidance of clutter and more things than actually needed can have quite a few benefits, both health and design wise. Here are some of the favorites to consider when trying to decide how much stuff to put in your bedroom. Less..

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