Refresh Your Interiors with Fashionable Scarves

18 Dec 2014

There are different ways to enjoy silk scarves. The regular use is as a fashion accessory besides being a protector of hair or neck during an outdoor tour. But here is a more original approach to enjoy differently our outstanding silk scarf designs, i.e. by embellishing the home in an unusual way and to bring a very special touch to your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Use your discarded silk scarves as art pieces and adopt the following five..

Turn Your Study Into Your Haven

11 Dec 2014

If home is where heart is then a study room is where our soul resides! A well arranged study room not only gives a good impression about the owner of the house but has a beneficial effect on your mind and body, too. After all, a study room can be used to spend some quality time in the company of all those reading materials you treasure! So, here are some tips to decorate this important space in your house.It is not mandatory that you have to decorate..

Bring In The warmth Of Summer With These Simple Décor Tips

02 Dec 2014

Usually the front veranda is the face of any house. And,  if this particular space is well decorated and relevant to the season, it makes the house more inviting and cozy.So, to make your house seem warm and cheery even during the cold season, we have some great tips to follow. Read on to know more..Place wicker baskets or woven bags and fill them with elements reflecting a summery feeling. You can also use a large, transparent jar packed with..

Simple Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Organized

27 Nov 2014

Are you one of those who loves a spick and span bathroom and yet despairs to keep it maintained and neat? Well then, look no further for we have a few simple tips that will help you keep your washroom looking posh all the time.Towel CabinetKeeping the towels off the floor is definitely an art. Pick up a simple wooden  flea-market cupboard and place it in your bathroom to store your towels. It  will not only make the space neat, but also..

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Turn Your Study Into Your Haven

If home is where heart is then a study room..

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