Get Set And Go For Halloween

29 Oct 2014

With Halloween round the corner, it is natural to be excited about the celebrations. While for kids it means loads of candies, the elders can revel with parties and spooky movie marathons. In the midst of the celebrations it is important that you do get your décor theme just right. Read on for a few key ideas to make sure your house looks super spooky this Halloween.Go for natural pumpkins, winter squash, or gourds to decorate instead of readymade..

Get Inspired By Animal Prints

17 Oct 2014

Those who have a soft corner for animal prints, patterns or designs, can now apply it to their home décor as well. Given below is a set of ideas which will definitely add a ton of character to complete your interior.Consider reading to have a clearer concept about the subject matter.Zebra stripes - people who are highly inclined towards zebra prints, use it in a space with bright white walls.  Spread a zebra print rug  to witness..

A Guide To Garage Doors

20 Oct 2014

Garages might not be the main aspect of your house, but it certainly is one zone which keeps your pricey wagon secured. Thus, some amount of attention needs to be given to it. Let’s get an idea on how to select a garage door. Do consider the appearance, material, construction and method of operation i.e. manual or automatic. Weight is an important consideration; a lightweight door is mostly desirable if it is large, or if an automatic system..

Maxi-mize Your Décor Style In An Instant

14 Oct 2014

If there is one design style meant to drop your jaw, it’s maximalism. It’s compelling because it represents a contrast to other styles rather than a rigorous design framework of its own. It’s the opposite of austere and the opposite of minimal. And while maximalism is not for every taste, its adherents almost always have big personalities that match their gutsy decor. This is also the appeal of the maximalist space, be it a living..

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