Create Your Own Beautiful Japanese House

Japanese-inspired interior decorating style is a brilliant way of incorporating Asian flavour in to any home. It is not only simple but also provides a neat and tidy look. This turns your dwelling into a serene, sophisticated as well as inviting zone. Although Japanese décor scheme calls for a very specific look and you may feel a little jittery collecting the stuff, we bet it’s worth it! Here are some ideas to help you along the way!Wall Treatment: You can consider it as the base of Japanese interior design. Look no further than soft,..

Get Prepped Up For A Posh Pool Party

Whether you want to keep it quiet or make it an extremely elaborate affair, pools are suitable venues for partying during summers. So, if you are planning to throw a party right next to your swimming pool this time, we recommend a checklist with a few ideas to make sure your party is a success.Safety-Clean Precautions Clean the pool, check its chemical composition. It should not cause any damage to the skin.  Make sure you place a few life preserver rings nearby. In case of an evening event, set out floating candles by nightfall and arrange..

Make Your Tiny Living Spaces Comfier!

Apartment living is a stark reality for city dwellers and having a house of your own is now more of a distant dream. You get faced with the challenge of cramming your life in small spaces that can barely fit your furniture. There are ways to make your small apartment rooms look bigger and spacious. Here are some smart tips that you can incorporate -When choosing drapes make sure they are the same color as your walls. Sticking to the same color makes a space look bigger.While choosing sofas and armchairs opt for ones raised on legs, as this gives..

Glamor Up Your House Party

For all of you who love to party frequently and like to stay up-to-date, this piece of information is most certainly useful for them. Especially if you are one who brings the party home rather than taking yourself to a pub or lounge, here go the hottest trends in party decorations.Consider reading to explore a plethora of approaches to personalize your future social gatherings.Hanging DecorationsGarlands, banners and bunting have been a popular option of decoration for quite some time; however we are discussing about their evolution over time. One..

Ten Striking Ideas for Your Dining Room

Whether you are inviting people for a formal dinner party or a family get-together around the table for a weekend meal, the dining room is the spot in the house that gives you a fair chance to celebrate your happiest moments. Browse through our ideas and organise any style of dining room effortlessly. Incorporate a touch of modernization in your dining area through the chic industrial-style lighting. Such lighting can create wonders if complemented with a weathered wood table top, wicker chairs and soft neutral surfaces.Designer slipcovers..