Quick Tips To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Its winter and we now need cozy surroundings. We suddenly start to love bonfires and pull out our sweaters. Time goes by really fast but the season shows its effect in the least of time. Reluctant to move out in this chilly weather, home becomes our favorite destination. But only a cozy interior giving out warmth is a favorite. Here are some few tips on how to usher in the heat in winters.Deal with Dark Colors: Darker shades have a tendency to trap sunlight and therefore keep the surroundings warm. In the hard-to-move-out weather, coziness is what..

How To Choose Color Highlights For Your Room

How often have you been stumped by the colors while deciding the perfect combo for your interiors? Though color choices do not follow any conventional principles, the act of choosing itself is an overwhelming task, which forces you to take up just another random blend in the end, which, despite all your efforts doesn't tend to impress you in any way. Interior decor certainly is not a no- brainer and when it comes to choosing the right colors, there is no such rule of thumb. Even if, any existed, you wouldn't have liked to follow the same footsteps..

Holiday Decor Tips From The Pros

We all wish our living room could look like the cover of a home design magazine — especially at Christmas — but, sadly, most of us just don’t have the magic touch needed to transform our den into a holiday masterpiece. Before you start hanging the garland and stringing the lights, take some advice from the pros who know all the tricks behind these beautifully decorated homes. Here are six tips from the professionals behind this year’s tour:Avoid chaos Holiday decorating can get a little chaotic. So, to avoid this, store your..

Ways To Add Instant Brightness To A Dark Room

Not every home is flooded with natural light, but luckily these decorating tricks can make a huge difference. No demolition necessary — it's all about optical illusions that add instant brightness!Check Your LightingIt seems obvious that adding ample lighting will brighten your home, but you might be overlooking some easy adjustments you can make to the lighting you already have. Switching out bulbs with the highest recommended wattage and keeping your glass lights clean can make a huge difference. If you have recessed lights, installing LED..

Home Decorating Tips For Couples With Kids

What’s the image in your mind of the perfect home? Do you picture luxurious furniture? Or do you see kids running around laughing? Can these two co-exist? When you live according to your own guidelines your decorating process and end result can match your dreams. And it doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s how.Are you using technology to your advantage?If you imagine a quick, effortless renovation you’re being naïve. Some people simply don’t have the time or energy to do it themselves. But that doesn’t mean you..

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