Design A Stunning Sit-out

A balcony space in a home is always a bonus and can be transformed into a beautiful sit-out. Not only does it provide a quaint little space to take a breather, having a sit-out also makes good use of the space preventing it from becoming just another wasted area. Here’s how you can transform your terrace into a charming sitting area. Indoor extension – If you have a fully covered terrace, break down the walls between the room and the balcony. The room inside will look naturally extended into the outdoor sitting area giving the feeling..

Jazz Up Bare Walls With These Easy Solutions

Wondering how to use those blank walls in your house? You might have thought of creating a gallery there. Although the idea is not bad, but at times there, is no harm in rising above the cliché and do something different. Bring on all your hats, baskets, wall sculptures, paint effects and so on to cast a spell on that empty wall of yours. Hang something with an out of the ordinary pattern. Stay open-minded! It will help you find unusual pieces just about anywhere. For example metal sheets used for covering radiators, garden fencing,..

Bring In The Silk Magic To Your Home

Silk has become a craze after being widely  used as a prop on the silver screen. It always brings in a classy charisma to the interiors. Considering the beauty of silk we are proposing a set of handy tips  to use silk fabric for home decor to the fullest.Silk curtains: Curtains can make a room! But only when chosen appropriately. It’s a matter of color and fabric, length and lining, and custom-made versus off-the-shelf.  Curtains will add the necessary touch of elegance to any room. Silk curtains are the perfect choices for..

Tricks And Tips For A Trouble-Free Decor

To bring in a change to your home décor you don’t have to move heaven and earth. There is always a trick to make the transformation. Toss a few items there, swap some products here or simply paint them all over- there is a sea of possibilities for a complete make-over of your home in a simple way. If you have a narrow room which you want to make look longer, then hang a shelf.  Look for a sleek shelf that doubles as a mantel.Create a style statement for the floor by adding a rug. Select a large sisal rug. Want some extra glamour?..

Clear Out Your Home For Better Health

In today’s busy world, health is a primary focus for everybody. Good health focuses not only on mind and body, it also has a lot to do with the surroundings we live in. For a 360 degree approach to better health, start at home. Here’s how to create a healthy environment in your house -Declutter and wash – take note of your belongings and figure out how much you have hoarded over the years. Anything that has not been used in the past year must go. In all likelihood it will not be used ever. Get rid of damaged linens, musty curtains..