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    The living room should be the activity hub of your home; but what if this important space is seriously lacking square footage? Try these five tips for..

  • Decorating Trends: What We Love Right Now

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  • Get The Spa Feel In Your Home Bathrooms

    Bathrooms are probably the most used spaces of any house. With a lot of people in and out of these rooms, and so many products, towels, slippers and small..

  • Benefits to Going Minimal in the Bedroom

    Minimal has so many versions and variations. How about a bedroom which is lovely in is minimalism? A bed. Maybe a nightstand. A rug for softness underfoot...


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  • Tips To Get A Greener Home Remodel

    There’s no doubt about it, going green is super trendy right now, not to mention, the need of the..

  • Room By Room Decorating Secrets From Experts

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    A Bouquet Full Of Newspaper

    Wondering what to do with that stack of newspapers (or even just one or two) lying around? You might..

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    Worry-Free Decluttering

    It’s one thing to get rid of items that have a lot of sentimental value. It’s easier to ditch..

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