Latest trends

  • Decorating With Gold

    With the resurgence of 1970s culture in fashion, movies, and music, is it any wonder gold is trending in home design? The tony metal is appearing in wallpaper..

  • Decorating Trends That Are Coming Back

    They say that all good things must come to an end, but trends are the exception. Here are a few classic and creative design elements and details that have..

  • Create a Cool Teen Room Easily

    Peruse any teen furnishing catalog and you may quickly be overwhelmed with its glossy images of teenage bedrooms that have been decorated with designer..

  • Never Fail Ways to Style Accent Pillows

    A sofa without accent pillows is like leaving your home without jewelry on. Accent pillows, like jewelry to an outfit, add so much to the look of your..


Interior Decoration Tips

  • Tiny Decorating Tweaks That Make a Big Difference

    Sometimes a room needs just a small tweak to be its best. Fortunately there are several easy ways to..

  • Avoid These 5 Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Messy!

    Decorating a home is a great way to make it cozy, comfortable, and inviting -- but it's easy to go overboard..

  • DIY

    Create This Beautiful Junk Store Birdhouse

    This junk store birdhouse is a great garden decor you'll be proud to show off!  This birdhouse is..

  • Expert Advice

    Worry-Free Decluttering

    It’s one thing to get rid of items that have a lot of sentimental value. It’s easier to ditch..

  • Interior Decoration Tips

    Great décor ideas to beautify your home.

  • Do it yourself

    DIY projects to add that personal touch to your interiors.

  • Buying Tips

    The dos and don'ts for buying furniture and accessories.

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