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  • 10 Home Design Trends That Are To Be Around For Some Time

    Got yourself a brand new house and eager to start decorating? You can start by looking back at trends from the last few years and see which ones are holding..

  • Designer Tips To Make Your Home Come Alive

    Rooms can be as pretty as you please, but if they lack enticing little extras then they will lack soul. The details should reflect the owner so well that..

  • Daring Design Ideas to Add to Your Home

    Bold designs do not always look bad. Sometimes all you need to find is the right spot for your daring design. We know it can be too daring to test the..

  • Simple Steps For A Stress-Free Summer Party

    As the days grow longer, we can’t help but dream of warm summer nights, backyard barbeques and fun-filled summer parties. Despite the stress that..


Interior Decoration Tips

  • Guide To Decorating With Mirrors

    Whether you’re decorating an apartment, bedroom, bathroom or entire house, the mirror is the must-have..

  • Dreamy Decorating Tips That Make A Home Your Own

    Creating an interior you truly love involves more than just choosing a colour scheme and a few on-trend..

  • DIY

    A Bouquet Full Of Newspaper

    Wondering what to do with that stack of newspapers (or even just one or two) lying around? You might..

  • Expert Advice

    Worry-Free Decluttering

    It’s one thing to get rid of items that have a lot of sentimental value. It’s easier to ditch..

  • Interior Decoration Tips

    Great décor ideas to beautify your home.

  • Do it yourself

    DIY projects to add that personal touch to your interiors.

  • Buying Tips

    The dos and don'ts for buying furniture and accessories.

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