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  • Useful Tips To Buying Fitted Furniture

    Fitted furniture not only saves a lot of space, they also have the advantage of being customized to suit your home and personality. Transform your home..

  • Lofty Decor Trends

    Do you often get a feeling that your loft looks congested? Perhaps, you are not getting enough use out of this space as you are supposed to get.  To..

  • Classy Velvet Décor Ideas

    Velvet can be classy, stylish and a matter of statement as well!  It gives any room an aura of its own and adds appeal to the space. While velvet..

  • Decor Ideas For Sweet Sixteens

    Teenage is one of the most delicate times in anybody’s life. It is a time when a child is slowly transitioning from kid to adult. It is a time when..


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  • Kid Proof Décor Tips

    Quite often, many of us have to compromise on our favourite designs and styles when we have small kids..

  • Expert Tips To Install Floating Shelves

    Floating shelves are an elegant way of displaying collectibles, photos, travel mementos, or other decorations...

  • DIY

    Creating A Side Table Out Of A Discarded Crate

    Quite often an unusual looking side-table can bring the oomph factor to any sort of decoration. Be it..

  • Expert Advice

    Add A Breath Of Green With Vertical Plant Hangers

    Today, with life so busy and worlds so small, many of us have shrinking living spaces. This is only so..

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