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  • Bring In The Silk Magic To Your Home

    Silk has become a craze after being widely  used as a prop on the silver screen. It always brings in a classy charisma to the interiors. Considering..

  • Make Way For Marsala In Your Home

    Being a trend follower  if you are looking at smart tricks to be in sync with the decorating trends of the year 2015, then this guide is a must read..

  • Choose Your Bed Kind

    In your home, the bedroom is probably that space that relaxes you the best after a tiring day. If so, then your bed is the most important element in this..

  • Get The Right Bedroom Ceiling Treatment

    While decorating your swanky bedroom, have you ever consider its ceiling?  We guess not! The modern designers however, give equal importance to a..


Interior Decoration Tips

  • Essential Tips To Installing A Pedestal Sink

    What goes around comes around. This year, one of the most popular bathroom trends is classic 1930s style,..

  • Simple Tips To Incorporate Feng Shui In Your House

    We are all more or less familiar with the popular Chinese philosophical system called Feng Shui. In essence..

  • DIY

    Incorporate Positivity Out Of Negatives

    Most of us definitely own that one box or drawer at our homes, which is overflowing with old, discarded..

  • Expert Advice

    Small Apartment Decoration Tips On A Budget

    Moving to a new city, renting a small apartment on a tight budget, frustration at the tiny space and..

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    Great décor ideas to beautify your home.

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Choose Your Bed Kind

In your home, the bedroom is probably that..

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