Six Must-Have Home Accessories

An instant transformation is something all of us love to witness. The approach works equally well on our abode too. So if you want to spice up the feel of your home without redecorating each room; follow these smart seven quick tips.Color PopupsIt is a proven fact that tints and textures can transform the tone of any room.  However, it doesn’t have to be done through complicated or expensive process. Get natural or artificial flowers and put them in an oversized floor vase in one corner. Similarly, artificial fruits like a big bushel..

Tips To Buy And Maintain Marble

Marble is one of the foremost materials of choice in residential as well commercial constructions, especially in flooring. Ornamental marble is also widely used to give interiors an elegant touch. Interior décor done using marble looks very sophisticated and has a very posh feel to it. To make sure you buy the best quality marble for your home, here are a few tips –Marble in general is a very strong and durable stone. But buying marble with cracks or weak points in it is absolutely not advisable. Check whether the stone is strong enough...

Home Décor Accessories Having Timeless Appeal

We live at a time when keeping up with trends in home décor is a matter of great importance. Every week a new trend emerges, and unless we keep up with the changing trends, there is every chance of being marked as outdated. However, there are a few décor tips which will see you through all sorts of trends and is always good to keep in mind when decorating a home. Given below are 6 such ideas which will infuse a different feel to your home decor –Try to incorporate as much organic as possible – In an era of contamination..

Tips To Selecting A TV Unit

Choosing a right TV unit is crucial to setting up a nice relaxing area in your home. The unit should have enough space to hold the TV, space for any AV equipment you may have, as well as tie in with the décor of your home. Here are a few tips to purchasing the right TV unit for you.Consider your TV size – TV size is very important to purchasing the right unit. The console or unit should be able to hold the weight and size of the television frame. It is important to keep in mind all of these factors when making the purchase.Factor in..

A Guide To Purchasing Light Options For Your Home

Lighting is fundamental to home interiors. Along with providing illumination, lighting creates ambience and warmth. To give a cohesive look and feel to your home, lights need to be layered throughout the house. Typically, three layers of light are enough. It is practical and also looks great. Here is all you need to know before purchasing lights for your home –Ambient Lights -  Ambient lighting acts as a replacement for natural light in a home. It fulfils a functional need and is very important in setting the right vibe for a room. Ambient..