Spruce Up Your Kitchen With These Simple Tips

The kitchen is the heart and centre of any home but unfortunately it gets dirty pretty fast. Whether you are a practised cook or an amateur one, it is important to maintain proper cleanliness within the kitchen to prevent contamination. Having said that, we agree, for most of us kitchen-clean-up duty is no less than a nightmare. Therefore, to save you from those weekly marathons, we propose a set of techniques, that will make your efforts last longer.CountertopsTo prevent stains on countertops, apply grout sealer to tile twice a year, and a stone..

Take A Look At Why Latin American Decor Is Taking The World By Storm

The exuberant colors, textures and patterns of Latin America crafts are injecting an easy, comfortable and fun esthetic into home decor. Mexican Modern is a look characterized by contemporary furnishings and quiet color, with one or two artisan pieces as counterpoints. The look includes textured rugs, throws that evoke serape motifs and furniture with an authentically hand-turned appearance. Read on for three reasons why this trend is so big right now and tips on how to bring in the Latina style in your house.Reason 1 - Vibrant!Latin American décor..

Get Your Home Into The Lap Of Nature

Many of us love to stay close to Mother Nature and prefer to incorporate nature through various themes, furniture or other accessories in home décor.  Taking such environment-friendly individuals into consideration, this segment of the home-décor is proposing a number of innovative ideas which will not only give your dwelling an instant makeover, but also helps in you in staying in contact with the natural world.Create your own zone for al fresco mealsPicnics are ideal fun-filled activities during weekends. Instead of going out..

End Your Quest For The Perfect Coffee Table

A living room is incomplete without a coffee table. It is not just a piece of furniture, but a multifunctional tool to serve several purposes. The obvious question arises is which one suits your room as the size, shape, style and also the make matter. Since the options are endless; we provide you with a few tips which will guide you in solving the puzzle and steer you in the direction of the perfect coffee table.ResourcesDecide on your budget, are you looking for an ultra-expensive or an economic one. At times it comes as a set with the sofas, but..

Tips To Buy A Perfect Rug

Flat-woven or pile? Wool or silk? Modern or traditional? If you've found yourself here, it is no doubt because you've discovered how tricky it can be to purchase your first handmade rug. Most rugs are named after the region in which they were woven, or the city where the bazaar is located. But not all beautiful, collectable rugs are Persian. Turkey, Morocco, Afghanistan, China, Peru and Sweden are all robust weaving nations. There are thousands of different styles of rugs, and within each style, every rug is unique.So, where to begin? When buying..