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Home Décor Trends That Are Huge At The Moment

Why wait for specific time to revamp your home décor? Whether you’re ready for a total renovation or simply want to add a splash of the newest “it” color to your bedroom, any time you want is actually the perfect time to freshen up your home. Here are a few amazing décor ideas that are trending this year and that can make all the difference in your new home decoration.

Marble Wallpapers

One of last spring’s hottest design trends has made its way onto your walls. There are different options, from dark marble to white marble: choose the one more adequate to the feeling you want to transmit. Whereas light grey looks amazing with the dark marble wall, light pink looks simply perfect with the light marble wallpaper. We are in love with these combinations.

Navy Blue

Gone are the days of all-white interiors. Whether you reupholster your couch with navy fabric or paint your kitchen island a moody blue, this dark shade will give your home a modern and fresh vibe. This trend is perfect for any room design of the house. Paint your walls or simply get one piece in the color navy blue, you will see how beautiful it is.

Copper Details

Metallics are still trendy as ever, but copper will be the metal of choice for 2017/2018 according to Pinterest. There are endless objects made of copper that you can choose to add to your house decorations. One single piece will already make a difference and will give life to the room design.

Indoor Vine

Don’t feel like you need to buy a new couch or paint a whole room to freshen up your home decor. Sometimes a new plant is all it takes. Climbing plants have surged in popularity on Pinterest. You don’t even need to choose a lot of plants. Just get a succulent or fancy cactus that can make a statement in the room.

Hygge Style

Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept roughly translates to a feeling of cozy contentment and is how the Danes survive their notoriously long, cold winters. So upgrade your throws, light a few candles and hunker down until spring comes. Hygge is also related with the good small things of life like, for example, having dinner with your family and friends. If you opt for a round table, it will make this dinner cozier and it will help bringing everybody together.

Acrylic Décor

Take minimalism to the max next year with everything from clear frames to see-through coffee tables or dining chairs. Combine acrylic dining chairs with a wooden dining table and you’ll have a fantastic result.

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